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Harvest Moon GB (牧場物語GB, Bokujō Monogatari GB, lit. Ranch Story GB) was the first Harvest Moon game to be released on Game Boy. The game was later re-released under the name Harvest Moon GBC with color support added from the Game Boy Color.


When the game starts, the main character's grandfather's spirit appears to you, asking you to renovate his farm. You have a year, equivalent to four seasons, to bring the farm back to fruition. After the year has passed, you will be evaluated to see how well you did your job.


Renovating the farm means you must remove all the weeds from the farmland, crush the rocks littering the ground, and use an axe to chop up the tree stumps. You must also till the land and plant crops for profit, and keep animals to sell their product.

Harvest Sprites are a new feature in game. Once you have made friends with them, they will help you out on your farm.



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