Nic, Nak, and Flak are the first characters that you meet in your adventure. While these little guys are often clumsy, they'll help you improve your farm. Nak, the red one, is the leader of the group. Flak is the tall, clumsy, and chubby yellow one, and the blue, childish one is Nic. Mushrooms are one of their favorite food.

Unlike most of the other games, Hero of Leaf Valley has a limit of only three Harvest Sprites. Although they don't have any of their own events, they drop hints on how you can complete the ones you've activated and have very minor rolls in some of them. However, they won't help you with any chores such as tending your fields or caring for your animals. 


Harvest sprite Nic.jpg
Harvest sprites and the Harvest Goddess.jpg
Harvest sprites with the hero.jpg
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