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The Hawker is a man who will sometimes stop by your farm wanting to trade with you. Sometimes he gives you a fair trade, and other times he will rip you off. Below is a list of things Hawker will trade you for.

1. Power Berry

In Fall of your first year the Hawker will give you a Power Berry if you give him a chicken in return.

2. Bell Tree

In Winter of your first year you can buy the Bell Tree from Hawker for 20,000 gold. He claims that this is a money tree that will bring you many riches, but it is really a Bell Tree that you can use to call in your animals at night.

3. Magic Bean

In Fall of year 2, Hawker will give you a Magic Lentil if you give him a cow. You can plant the seed at the top of the Mountain and it will grow into a Giant Beanstalk. If you climb the Beanstalk you'll get a Golden Chicken.

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