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Heath (ヒース Hīsu, lit. Heath) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. He is the son of Calvin and Phoebe if they married.

Open-minded, and curious. Heath to wants to venture out the world someday like his parents.[1] He is very hyper-active and full of energy, this causes Phoebe to worry about him.

He will often ask random questions in an attempt to learn more. He inherits most of his mother's features, such as her green hair and eyes. His clothes and mannerisms are similar to Calvin.

Heath's Birth

Heath baby.png

He will first appear two weeks after you trigger Phoebe and Calvin's marriage ceremony and sequence of rival events that occur before they both decide to get married. You'll get a letter in your mail from Phoebe and Calvin.[2] They had a baby boy, and ask you to come and visit them to meet him.

Visit Phoebe and Calvin at the General Store. The scene will play where you will be introduced to the newborn baby, Heath. As a newborn baby, the player cannot do anything with Heath. Heath will remain in this stage for two more weeks before he grows up.

(NOTE! He will NOT exist in game if you have both Phoebe and Calvin unmarried or have married either of the two.)

Heath (Grown Up)

Two weeks after Heath is born and you have visited Phoebe and Calvin to meet him, the player will get another letter. This time, Phoebe and Calvin will tell you that they're going to take Heath for pictures at Simon's Photo Studio to celebrate his growth. They want the player to meet them there, so you can introduce yourself to Heath.[3]

Go to Simon's Photography Studio any time after getting the second letter, at a time when the store is open. Here, you will see Phoebe and Calvin, as well as Heath. Heath will introduce himself, and from this point on you can socialize with him.

You will be able to interact with him like any other villager, and befriend him. Heath cannot grow any older in game.


Gift Preferences
Loved Shining Egg, Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Duck Egg, Shining Duckonnaise, Shining Honey, Hotcake, Choco Banana
Liked Pontata Root, Purple Herb, Royal Jelly, Banana, Coconut, Remedy, Cold Medicine
Disliked Vegetable Juice, Octopus, Green Pepper, Junk


Exploration of the Mine

When you pass through the mine road going towards the blacksmith, you may trigger the event where you see Heath and your child asking each other if they are strong. As expected, both agree and jump in glee. Heath will ask him/her if he could be the leader, your child responds with a "yes." Both will leave for the mines and start their adventure.

This event can be triggered with Lucy and Roy as well, and will play out the same. Each child you trigger this must be at 2 hearts or more.[5]


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