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"...It's not that I hate listening to people talk, it's that I'm not good at talking myself."

Hector (ヘクター Hekutā) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

He helps run a farm with his mother, Megan. Though he's poor at speaking, he's empathetic and kind. He's usually at his farm, he also feels at home with his son, Colin, at the railroad where he can see a view of the whole village.[2]

Stoic Hector was devastated when his wife died, but he didn't really know how to mourn and kept everything pilled inside him and became quite apathetic until he came back to Westown and met his childhood friend again Brad, who welcomed him back and told him he did a good job. That gesture was all it took for Hector to burst into heavy cry and let all his feeling poured out. After that, he recovered and decided to be both a good father and mother for his son, learning how to bake cookies and sewing.[3]


  1. …人の話を聞くのは嫌いじゃない。だが、自分から話すのは若手。
  2. メーガンの息子で、親子で牧場を手伝っている。口下手で人とあまり話さないが、人情深く、とても優しい。普段は牧場にいることが多いが、息子のコリンと一緒に、里を一望できる線路でくつろぐことも。
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