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  • Morning:
    • "Mornin'. Your awfully full of energy at this early hour."
    • "...Yeah? What brings you here at this hour?"
  • "Frank's got some pretty impressive fields."
  • "Sorry, I ain't much of a talker, and I'm especially no good at talkin' with the ladies. You'd be better off using your time to do somethin' else, honestly."
  • "I don't dislike listenin' to folks. I just ain't no good at the talkin' part."
  • Around his barn: "What're you doin' wandering around somebody else's property?"
  • After the Westown bridge is renovated: "Glad that rickety, ol' bridge was finally fixed up. Always used to make nervous whenever Colin had to go across it. Got no worries 'bout this new one, though. Thanks, [player]."
  • Engaged: "You an' [sweetheart] are gettin' hitched? Congrats. I'm lookin' forward to the ceremony already."
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