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Hinata (ヒナタ, Hinata) is a bachelor in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

He is a direct young man who works inside the Daikokuya general store. Working out of town for his family, he eventually wound up in Tsuyukusa, though he one day hopes to become an actor. Having many brothers and a sister, he is shown to be very good at dealing with local children.


At age 13, Hinata moved to Tsuyukusa. An acquaintance of his was close friends with Moriya, and that is how he came to work with him.[1] At first, Moriya would often scold him, which still is a negative memory for him presently.

Hinata now works with Moriya, his boss, Ittetsu, and Sumomo, and some others. All four deal with customers. His job is sorting the storehouse and stocking goods.[2] He finds working with customers to be anxious work and he feels exhausted everyday. He does feel that the work is worthwhile.[3]

Hinata has two older brothers named Izumo and Yakumo; two younger brothers named Touya and Kouya; and a younger sister called Chizuru.[4]

Heart Events

White Heart Event: Hide and Seek


  • Walk: from North Westown to North Tsuyukusa
  • Time: 13:00 - 17:00
  • Day: Monday or Thursday
  • Weather: Sunny (Tsuyukusa)
  • You have met and recently talked to Tatsumi, Sumomo, and Yaichi
  • Hinata has 5,000 FP or more
You walk into Tsuyukusa to see Hinata, Tatsumi, Sumomo, and Yaichi discussing something on top of a bridge. With no work at the moment, Hinata has decided to play hide and seek with the local kids. He asks you to join in, to which you agree, only to be chosen as the seeker! You count to 30 while Hinata and the kids scatter.
After finding Hinata first and then the rest of the kids, you all meet up again on the same bridge. Hinata is now the seeker as punishment for being found first. Tatsumi teases him as everyone else laughs along. Hinata threatens to tickle everyone for laughing at him once they're found, and you and the kids run off to find a place to hide.
Once again, everyone's been found, but this time, Hinata tells the kids he's going to stop playing. The kids understand and thank you for playing along with them. Hinata thanks you as well and admits he usually wants to be found first on purpose. Because of his experience with many siblings growing up, he understands it can be boring to lose all the time. He wants the kids here to make happy memories! Hinata jokes that occasionally, he can get real serious. 
You both say your goodbyes as Hinata hopes you'll play with them again sometime.

No choices need to be made during this event. You'll automatically gain 1,000 FP with Hinata and 500 FP with Tatsumi, Sumomo, and Yaichi.

Purple Heart Event: A Future to Aim For


  • Walk: from South Tsuyukusa to North Tsuyukusa
  • Time: 7:00 - 13:00
  • Day: Monday or Thursday
  • Weather: Sunny (Tsuyukusa)
  • You have met and recently talked to Yuzuki
  • Hinata has 10,000 FP or more
When walking up into the northern part of Tsuyukusa, you see Hinata and Yuzuki talking with one another. You go over to say hi, and Yuzuki asks if you knew Hinata was an actor in training.

You'll be given an option to respond if you knew or not; any option is fine and doesn't result in any FP changes.

Hinata will tell you that he goes to a theater in a different town to practice acting once he's finished with work for the day. He hopes of one day maintaining a career as an actor. Just recently, he's begun acting in a huge play with a huge audience to match. Even better, all the performers will get a raise in their pay! However, Hinata doesn't seem too interested in the money but rather enjoys just being able to act up on stage while entertaining the audience. To celebrate the occasion, Yuzuki invites you and Hinata to his house.
Once the three of you get there, Hinata suggests making Chirashi Sushi as it was something his own family made to celebrate. However, he hasn't quite been able to enjoy it since moving to Tsuyukusa. You are then asked if you've ever made Chirashi Sushi yourself.

You'll be given an option to respond if you've made it before, haven't made it before, or don't know what it is; any option is fine and doesn't result in any FP changes.

Together, you all make Chirashi Sushi and eat it. Hinata exclaims that it tastes like home. While eating, Yuzuki asks Hinata what type of role he's playing to which Hinata happily explains.
After you're all finished, Yuzuki stays behind as you and Hinata head back to the northern part of Tsuyukusa. He thanks you for celebrating with him and Yuzuki and hopes he can do the same if there's something for you worth celebrating. He tells you that the money he earns will be sent back home to his older brothers who are the ones that drove him to become an actor in the first place. His brothers help take care of his parents, and Hinata wants a career where he can actively support his parents as well. While he ended up doing normal business work, his brothers encouraged him to still focus on his dream as they had apparently done themselves. 
Hinata hopes he can one day support his family while also doing the job he truly loves.

You'll automatically gain 1,000 FP with Hinata and 500 FP with Yuzuki.

Light Blue Heart Event: Scary Stories

Affection 20001+ Visit Other ーnot dating or married, have met Ittetsu and Moriya
Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday State
Weather Clear on Farm AND Tsuyukusa Time 20:00-5:59
Location Ra Man's Shop Pass 2 hours
+3000 FP and +15 Affection

Dark Blue Heart Event: A Skilled Merchant

Affection 30001+ Visit Other ーnot dating or married
Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday State
Weather Clear or Raining Time 8:00-1:00
Location Ra Man's shop Pass 1 hour
Yep! You looked handsome and dashing Give him a blank stare
+3000 FP +15 affection +1000 FP

Light Green Heart Event: Theater Practice
note: you may now start dating the person!

Affection 40,001+ Visit Other
Days Monday or Thursday State Free
Weather Sunny Time 7:00 am to 12:00 pm
Location Entering North Tsuyukusa from North Lulukoko Pass
Tell him Keep going as is
+1,000 FP +3000 FP with Hinata
+15 AP with Hinata

Yellow Heart Event: Think Before You Act

Affection 60,001+ Visit Other
Days Monday or Thursday State Dating
Weather Sunny, rainy, or snowy Time 14:00 - 18:00
Location behind Ra Man's Wholesale shop Pass
That was embarrassing Think about it for yourself
+3,000 FP
+15 AP
+3,000 FP
+15 AP

Orange Heart Event: A Souvenir For the Family

Affection 70,001+ Visit Other Shipped at least 1 item to Tsuyukusa
Days Monday or Thursday State Dating
Weather Sunny Time 6:00 am - 10:00 am
Location Enter South Lulukoko from crossroads Pass
Consider it a request from your lover. I want to help you out, Hinata.
-3,000 FP +3,000 FP
+15 AP

Pink Heart Event: Hinata's Big Break

Affection 80,001+ Visit Other Recently talked to all Tsuyukusa villagers and all three guardians
Days Anyday (but Monday or Thursday) State Dating
Weather Sunny Time 16:00 - 20:00
Location Enter North Tsuyukasa from North Lulukoko Pass
Calm him down Cheer him up
-3,000 FP +3,000 FP
+15 AP


6:00 - 6:59 Tonya (Breakfast)
7:00 - 11:59 North Tsuyukusa
12:00 - 13:59 Hinoki Hot Springs
14:00 - 16:59 Free Action (Lunch)
17:00 - 18:59 Tonya:
19:00 - 19:59 Tonya (Dinner)
20:00 - 21:59 Tonya
22:00 - Tonya (Going to Bed)



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