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Hinata (ヒナタ, Hinata) is a bachelor in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

He is a direct young man who works inside the Daikokuya general store. Working out of town for his family, he eventually wound up in Tsuyukusa, though he one day hopes to become an actor. Having many brothers and sisters, he's very good at dealing with children. [1]


At age 13, Hinata moved to Tsuyukusa. An acquaintance of his was close friends with Moriya, and that is how he came to work with him.[2] At first, Moriya would often scold him, which still is a negative memory for him presently.

Hinata now works with Moriya, his boss, Ittetsu, and Sumomo, and some others. All four deal with customers. His job is sorting the storehouse and stocking goods.[3] He finds working with customers to be anxious work and he feels exhausted everyday. He does feel that the work is worthwhile.[4]

Hinata has 2 older brothers; Izumo and Yakumo, 2 younger brothers; Touya and Kouya, and 1 younger sister, Chizuru.[5]


6:00 - 6:59 Tonya (Breakfast)
7:00 - 11:59 North Tsuyukusa
12:00 - 13:59 Hinoki Hot Springs
14:00 - 16:59 Free Action (Lunch)
17:00 - 18:59 Tonya
19:00 - 19:59 Tonya (Dinner)
20:00 - 21:59 Tonya
22:00 - Tonya (Going to Bed)


Gift Preferences
Special Tofu Hamburger
Loved Anpan・Sashimi・Osechi・Oden・Mushroom Rice・Mackerel Miso・White Rice・Tai Chazuke・Daifuku・Egg Rice・Chirashi Zushi・Dorayaki・Houtou・Matsutake・Mitarashi Dango
Liked Almond Caramel・Almond Cookie・赤色の羽毛・あかつきの空の香り・Acqua Pazza・Adamantite・アップルアイス・Fried Tofu・Avocado・Amazake・Aloe・貝全般 など
Neutral N/A
Disliked Aojiru・Apple Jello・Salads
Hated Empty Can・Ika Vakamiti・Fish Bones・Weed・Poison Mushroom・Boots・Carrot Glacé・Butter Rice・Spider Lily・Milky Salad・Milk Gayu・Yogurt Rice


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