• Introductory Line: "Oh, hello! My name is Hiro. I'm pleased to meet you. I'm studying to be a doctor under Dr. Ayame. I trust I'll be seeing you around."
  • "Good morning, ____, Did you sleep well?"
  • "Good morning, ____. Did you have a hearty breakfast this morning?"
  • "Good morning, ____. Are you exercising daily? ....Oh, there I go acting like a doctor again!"
  • "Oh, hello, ___. Good day to you. How are you feeling?" 
  • "Good day to you, ____. How is your work going these days?"
  • "Good evening, ___. Another hard day's work done?"


  • "I know you work hard, but don't overdo it."
  • "One day, I will be a full-fledged doctor... But when, I wonder?"
  • "It is important to eat nutritious foods to replenish your strength!"
  • When outside: "It is nice to take walks. Just around the village, I mean..."
  • When shown the blue feather (not to propose): "Is that a blue feather? Whoever you give that to is fortunate indeed, ___!"

Complete a request: "This was a big help. Thanks very much. This was a lot of help, I hope you'll help me out again sometime!"

  • During a typhoon: "You mustn't go out in a stormy day like today!"
  • After a typhoon: "Yesterday's weather was nasty, wasn't it, ____? I trust no harm befell you. I remained indoors through the whole day."
  • Snowstorm: "I usually enjoy snow, but this is just too much. You could be buried out there!"

Stamina Influenced

  • "You look quite ill! Shouldn't you have Dr. Ayame take a look at you?" (your stamina is almost gone)
  • "You look a bit ill, _____. You should get some rest."

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "Everyone in Konohana is generally in good health, so I have a lot of free time. I like to use that time to study my medical books. Medicine is so interesting."
  • Two flowers: "Is your farm prospering? Do not neglect to take care of your health as well."
  • Three flowers: "_____,you always look so healthy! Farm life really agrees with you."
  • Four flowers: "Oh,_____,don't you agree that Kana is quite a remarkable fellow? A genuine man's man. He manages the stable all by himself.
  • Five flowers: "Tell me _____,do you like this village? I adore it. I hope you will stay here permanently."
  • Six flowers: "As I am still an apprentice, I encounter many trials. Yet,to converse like this with you,_____,is a source of joy to me."

Seven flowers:

  • If playing as a female: "You know _____...whenever we converse like this...I think how wonderful it would be if we were always together."
  • If playing as a male: "___, what is your opinion of Dr. Ayame? I have the utmost respect for her, personally. But I do wonder why she remains unmarried. Too many responsibilities, pehraps."


  • Liked: "Oh... for me? I'm delighted! Thank you ever so much."
  • Neutral: "You're giving this to me? Thank you ever so much."
  • Disliked: "This is...for me? Perhaps you meant to give this to someone else..."
  • Multiple Gifts: "You mean to give that to me? Thank you very much indeed. But I couldn't possibly accept another gift today. It wouldn't feel right."

Festival Quotes

Cooking Festival

  • If you live in Bluebell and talk to Hiro after: "Next time, you must compete for Konohana,____. Please!"
  • If you live in Konohana and lost: "What a pity that we lost. I felt that your cooking was excellent."
  • You cheer but do not enter a dish: "___, you really ought to take part in the Cooking Festival..."
  • If you live in Konohana and win:
    • "Today's Cooking Festival was enjoyable, wasn't it? Your cooking was suberb!"
    • "Congratulations! Where did you master such skill in cooking? You must teach me!" 
    • "Congratulations, ___!! Just what I'd expect of you. The food you prepared looked delicious."

Crop Festival

  • Lose: "What a pity that you lost. I was certain that you would take first place. You must try again next time."

Moon Viewing Festival

  • "The Moon Viewing Festival is today! Will you be attending, ___? I do hope that you will."
  • "It looks so close! I feel like I could just reach out and touch it!"

Flower Festival

"What a lovely flower! ....Oh, for me? A Flower Day present? Thank you ever so much."

Music Festival

"Today's Music Festival was enjoyable, wasn't it?"

New Years Festival

"The New Year's Festival is today! Will you be attending, ___? I do hope that you will."

After a Festival:

  • "Today was so enjoyable! I a bit sad that it had to end."
  • "Today's festival was enjoyable, wasn't it? I do love how everyone gets into the spirit of it."
  • "What an enjoyable day! I feel so soothed now."

You live in Bluebell and come over on a festival day: "Today is a Konohana event called the _____. But you live in Bluebell, do you not, ____?"

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