The Hoe is a tool that you can obtain in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. It is given to the player at the beginning of the game.


The hoe is used to till land to plant crops, as well as to till the land in the mines. As the hoe's level is upgraded, its skills are also increased, and it is easier to use.


When the player receives the Hoe, it will start at a tool level of one. The hoe can be upgraded up to a level of seven, and becomes more and more useful with every upgrade. Below is a list of upgrades that can be made to the hoe throughout the game. Upgrades are made at the Blacksmith's by Saibara.

Tool Level Upgrade Cost Abilities
Standard Hoe (Level 1) Hoe that you start with. Tills 1x1 square of land.
Copper Hoe (Level 2) Copper Ore + 1,000G Tills 2x1 square of land.
Silver Hoe (Level 3) Silver Ore + 2,000G Tills 3x1 square of land.
Gold Hoe (Level 4) Gold Ore + 3,000G Tills 4x1 square of land.
Mystrile Hoe (Level 5) Mystrile Ore +5,000G Tills 6x1 square of land.
Cursed Hoe (Level 6) Find on Floor 39 of the Lake Mine Tills 12x3 square of land.
Blessed Hoe (Level 6) Have the Cursed Hoe blessed by Carter 10 times. Tills 12x3 square of land.
Mythic Hoe (Level 7) Mythic Stone + 50,000G Tills 18x5 square of land.
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