The Hoe is one of the essential tools in Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

The primary use for the hoe is to till land in order to plant crops and trees. It is given to the player at the start of the game automatically.

You can charge up the hoe's power by holding down the A button. As the hoe is upgraded, you are able to till more at a time and use less stamina.

Skill Level

As your skill level increases, you use less stamina and water more at once.

Skill Level Abilities[1]
Skill Level 1 Till a single square of land at a time.
Skill Level 2 Can till a 1x3 square of land at once.
Skill Level 3 Can till a 3x3 square of land at once.
Skill Level 4 Can till a 3x6 square of land at once.
Skill Level 5 Can till a 5x6 square of land at once.


You can buy tool upgrades from Ramsey at the tool shop. You will need to pay a small fee and bring in the required metal in order to upgrade. Alternatively, you can also buy the upgrades from the General Store for more money. 

Tool Level Requirements Stamina Usage[2]
Starting Hoe Starter Hoe.  -30
Iron Hoe 1 piece of Iron Metal, 1000 G -25
Copper Hoe 1 piece of Copper Metal, 2500 G -20
Silver Hoe 1 piece of Silver Metal, 5000 G -15
Gold Hoe 1 piece of Gold Metal, 10000 G -10


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