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Blueprint Materials
Double Bed  Lumber (x10) + Cotton Fabric (x5) + Yarn Ball (x10) + Flourite (x3)
Child Bed Lumber (x10) + Suffolk Wool (x5) + Alpaca Wool (x10) + Pink Diamond (x1)


Blueprint Materials
Copper Storage Small Lumber (x15) + Copper (x5)
Silver Storage  Lumber (x15) + Silver (x5)
Copper Refrigerator Small Material Stone (x15) + Copepr (x5)
Silver Refrigerator Material Stone (x15) + Silver (x5)
Gold Refrigerator  Black Material Stone (x15) + Gold (x5)
Copper Toolbox  Small Lumber (x15) + Copper (x5)
Silver Toolbox Lumber (x15) + Silver (x5)


Blueprint Materials
Pet Food Dispenser Small Lumber (x5) + Copper (x2) + Iron (x2)
Vase  Rock (x5) + Glass Stone (x3)
Alarm Clock Iron Hammer (x1) + Silver (x1) + Moon Stone (x1)
Record Player Black Lumber (x5) + Glittering Stone (x3) + Mythic Stone (x1) + Triton's Trumpet (x1)


Blueprint Materials
Green Clovers Lumber (x5) + Suffolk Yarn Ball (x10) + Green Cloth (x3)
Red Clovers Lumber (x5) + Suffolk Yarn Ball (x10) + Red Cloth (x3)
Vegetables Black Lumber (x5) + Llama Yarn Ball (x10) + Turnip (x5) + Tomato (x5) + Eggplant (x5)
Red Stars Lumber (x5) + Suffolk Yarn Ball (x10) + Tulip (x10)
Animal Parade Black Lumber (x5) + Red Cloth (x10) + Glittering Stone (x5)
Bamboo Lodge Small Lumber (x15) + Lumber (x5)
Old House Material Stone (x5) + Lumber (x15) + Walnut (x10)
Pink Striped  Lumber (x5) + Yarn Ball (x10) + Nadeshiko (x10)
Green Striped  Lumber (x5) Yarn Ball (x10) + Mint (x10)
Blue Striped Lumber (x5) + Yarn Ball (x10) + Magic Blue Flower (x10)


Blueprint Materials
Mosaic  Small Lumber (x25) + Yarn Ball (x5) + Lavender (x10)
Square Wood Small Lumber (x25) + Yarn Ball (x8) + Moondrop Flower (x10)
Yellow Pattern Material Stone (x10) + Yarn Ball (x5) + Alpaca Yarn Ball (x5) + Topaz (x5)
Green Diamond Material Stone (x10) + Cotton Fabric (x5) + Moondrop Flower (x10) + Emerald (x5)
Gray Diamond Material Stone (x10) + Cotton Fabric (x5) + Rosemary (x10) + Platinum (x5)


Blueprint Materials
Fine Furniture Lumber (x15 + Wool (x5) + Copper (x5)
Western Furniture Lumber (x15) + Suffolk Wool (x5) + Magic Blue Flower (x5)
Trendy Furniture  Lumber (x20) + Alpaca Wool (x5) + Gold (x3) + Coin (x5)

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