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Hope Grain (also known as Dr. Hope) is a character in Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon.

Doctor Hope is an inventor and scientist responsible for engineering the main protagonist Life Grain. He has also created many agricultural machinery and tools. He believes in manually caring for crops and animals instead of the modern "auto farming" method used by the Volcano Town residents.

Hope Grain
He creates Life in hopes that he will become truly human through farming and ranching at the Easter Ruins. Even though many of the Volcano Town residents believe that Professor Hope's ideal farming is out of date, he really has a lot of faith that Life can work hard and make a difference. He will perform tune ups to Life each and every Sunday and monitor his progress.

Dr. Grain lives at his mansion in the southwestern part of Volcano Town with his maid Vita. He eats breakfast in the morning and works in his laboratory for the remainder of the day. He can sometimes be seen in the garden visiting his parent's grave. His parents died when he was young and are part of his inspiration for wanting to take care of nature.

As the game progresses, the doctor falls ill and his health starts to fail. The Nature Sprites postpone his failing health by using some magic of the forest, although it will not cure him of his illness. At the end of the game, he passes away after seeing Life Grain succeed in saving the island. He leaves Vita to take care of things after he's gone.

Life can be seen crying over his "father's" death, proving that he did indeed become somewhat human. 

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