Horses are an animal that appear in Doraemon: Story of Seasons. Horses live in a stable and eat grass automatically without the need to buy a Fodder. They may be ridden to make Noby go faster.


After your stable has been delivered, head out to West Natura. Entering, Noby will be met with Rem, Taurus, and Aries arguing about a horse. It is then offered to you, which you may accept to obtain a free horse.

Horse event

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Noby and Rem surprised that the horse comeback by itself to the farm.

Chapter 1 "Horse Owner"

  • Build a Horse Stable
  • Go to West Natura

Chapter 2 "My Horse"

  • Horse 1.5❤︎
  • Horse needs to be inside the stable

Chapter 3 "Horse Return"

  • Horse 2.5❤︎
  • Horse needs to be inside the stable

Chapter 4 "Horse at Home"

  • First trigger Chapter 3

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