Like in many Harvest Moon games, a Horse is available in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.


The horse cannot be purchased, and it is given to the player by Barley. Barley will come to your house in Spring or Summer of your first year and ask if you'd like to take care of the horse for awhile. If you accept, Barley will return a year later to check on your progress.

If you've managed to take care of the horse, Barley will allow you to keep the horse. If you neglected to keep care of the horse, Barley will take him away, and you will be unable to obtain another horse for a period of time.

Barley will bring a new horse for you the following year if you happened to lose your horse due to neglect in your first year. 

Growing Up

The horse takes a full year to grow up, for example, if you got your horse in Summer the 1st in the first year, by Summer the 1st on the second year, it will have fully grown.


  • Horses do not need to be fed, and they will never get sick or die.
  • Until the horse grows up, you will be unable to ride him.
  • Brushing your horse will increase his affection.
  • You can show items or give food to the horse to increase his affection as well.


  • His favorite food is carrots.
  • Once he is grown, you will be able to enter the Spring and Fall horse races.
  • The satchel that is attached to the horse can be used as a shipping box, rather than putting what you want to ship into the shipping box.
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