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The Horse is an animal in Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.

The horse can be obtained from Bob for free and plays a major role in one of the game's endings.


To get a horse you will first need to befriend Bob by giving him gifts and working for him at the Brownie Farm. You can only work on non-rainy days so when the whether is nice ask Bob for a "part-time job". It is paid 50G/hour and he will give you a milker and a brush (not forever though). This is when you "choose" your horse. There are five of them: dark brown, light brown, orange-brown, grey and cream-coloured. To get the one you like the most, take care of it first. After some time, about 9 days of work, Bob will come to your farm with this exact horse. It is said that the brown horse is the slowest, although this information is not confirmed.

Right after obtaining a horse from Bob you will not be able to mount it, because it does not trust you enough and rears up. Do not worry though, after a few days of grooming and talking he will eventually let you ride him, although at a very low speed. The more he loves you, the faster he gets. You can recognize that a change has occurred by changes in dialogue:

  • 1 heart: We are getting along better.
  • 2 hearts: He can run now.
  • 3 hearts: He is running faster now.
  • 4 hearts: Top speed. He runs like the wind.
  • 5 hearts: He is confident he won't lose to anyone.