Dog inside the Hothouse

The Hothouse is a type of farm building in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

Gotz, at the Woodcutter's House, can build the hothouse for 30,000 G and 580 lumber (only after he has upgraded all other farm buildings). The purpose of the hothouse is to grow any crop during any season. The planting area is only 7x7, which allows for four different crops. It includes a shipping bin and a place to fill up the watering can. Like other buildings, time is paused when inside the hothouse. 

During a hurricane or blizzard, there is a random chance that the Hothouse will be destroyed, forcing the player to pay Gotz another 30,000 G and 580 lumber to build a new one.


Orange Cup Fruit

Orange Cup Fruit

Any crop can be planted in the Hothouse at any time. It is recommended to plant renewable crops (i.e Pineapples) to guarantee some sort of profit during the Winter. The hothouse is a great way to meet the shipping requirements needed to purchase specials seeds like strawberries and pumpkins. 

Orange Cup fruit is the only crop that will grow exclusively in the Hothouse. Orange Cup seeds are purched from Won, at the Inn, for 1,000 G. Each harvested fruit only sells for 60 G.


  • The Back To Nature Hothouse is similar to the Harvest Moon 64 Hothouse, but smaller.
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