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After helping out on Souffle Farm, Hamilton will ask where you would like to build your first house. Once your house has been placed on the chosen plot of land, you'll be free to move in and start playing the game.

The house already comes with basic furnishings:

  • A  Bed: Simple (You wake up at 6 AM whenever you go to bed).
  • A Diary (The diary is used for saving, configuring, and moving furniture around).
  • A Wardrobe (For clothes).
  • A Bookshelf: Normal (Contains an item list, recipes, books and letters).
  • A Kitchen (This only includes a sink. You must buy things like an oven on your own).
  • A Table Set
  • A Toolbox (self explanatory).


More furniture can be bought at the carpenter's, the general store, or at certain festivities held in the town square.

Unlike many other HM, you do not start with any gold in Tree of Tranquility. However, you get up to 360G and a bag of seeds after you finish helping out at Souffle Farm. You also do not have the calendar or the floppy-eared dog.


With the appropriate amount of gold, material stone, and lumber, your house can be upgraded. An upgraded house will only increase in size. But size isn't the only thing that is alterable on your house. Through the power of carpentry, you can also "remodel" your house.


One great feature of ToT is the ability to remodel the appearance of your house.

  • Simple
  • Chic
  • Country
  • Gorgeous

Remodeling your house will change the outside appearance of your household (the colour of the roof tiles, the siding used, etc.) as well as the curtains, windows, flooring, and wallpaper inside.

Possible Upgrades

Level Description
1 This is when you first start the game. A simple small one-story home. Not much extra room for furniture.
2 First upgrade. It's a little bigger than the orginal, the kitchen and main part get bigger. Still one-story.
3 Second Upgrade. Medium-sized, but both the kitchen and main room expand. Still one story.
4 Third Upgrade. Fairly Large.

Additional Houses

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