Howard's Cafe is run by Howard. Laney, Cam, and Howard all live behind the counter. The shop opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. It is closed on Thursdays. Howard sells edible dishes and drinks, and tends to sell more dessert foods than anything, so keep an eye out for them if you're looking for a treat to give to that special someone, or just a friend.

Howard's Inventory


Item Price Season Requirements
Onion Salad 230 G Spring None
Mimosa Salad 1000 G Spring Year 2 or Later
Tomato Salad 130 G Summer None
Caprese Salad 170 G Summer/Winter Year 2 or Later
Potato Salad 360 G Fall None
Herb Salad 60 G Winter None


Item Price Season Requirements
Onion Soup 390 G Spring None
Asparagus Soup 470 G Spring None
Gazpacho 420 G Summer/Winter None
Radish Soup 340 G Summer None
Vichyssoise 550 G Fall None
Pumpkin Soup 530 G Fall/Winter None


Item Price Season Requirements
Sauteed Turnips 350 G Spring None
Cabbage Rolls 510 G Spring None
Fried Egg 140 G Spring None
Fish and Chips 370 G Spring None
French Fries 280 G Summer None
Popcorn 220 G Summer None
Toast 100 G Summer None
Honey Toast 230 G Summer None
Boiled Potato 430 G Fall None
Roasted Mushroom 110 G Fall None
Steamed Mushrooms 50 G Fall None
Croquette 330 G Fall None
Sandwich 310 G Winter None
Curry Bread 230 G Winter None
Cream Croquette 410 G Winter None

Main Dishes

Item Price Season Requirements
Omelet 250 G Spring None
Penne Pasta 150 G Spring None
Dry Curry 220 G Spring None
Pizzoccheri 260 G Spring None
Omelet Rice 320 G Summer None
Pizza 290 G Summer None
Marinated Fish 350 G Summer None
Curry Rice 430 G Summer None
Canape 290 G Fall None
Cheese Fondue 210 G Fall None
Meuniere 220 G Fall None
Mushroom Pasta 170 G Fall None
Galette 210 G Winter None
Gratin 390 G Winter None
Risotto 410 G Winter None
Stew 410 G Winter None
Lasagna 350 G Winter None
Moussaka 510 G Winter None


Item Price Season Requirements
Sponge Cake 170 G Spring None
Honey Cake 640 G Spring None
Scone 600 G Spring None
Choc. Sponge Cake 650 G Spring None
Chocolate Donuts 1040 G Spring None
Honey Pudding 340 G Spring None
Cheesecake 320 G Summer None
Ice Cream 140 G Summer None
Cookies 310 G Summer None
Choc. Ice Cream 600 G Summer None
Chocolate Banana 880 G Summer None
Fruit Parfait 1030 G Summer None
Yam Dessert 330 G Fall None
Pumpkin Pudding 710 G Fall None
Stewed Apple 330 G Fall None
Apple Pie 420 G Fall None
Mont Blanc 500 G Fall None
Rice Pudding 280 G Fall None
Pudding 220 G Winter None
Chocolate Cookies 850 G Winter None
Chocolate Cake 990 G Winter None
Chocolate Pudding 680 G Winter None
Soft Chocolates 790 G Winter None
Tiramisu 1250 G Winter None


Item Price Season Requirements
Honey Tea 220 G Spring None
Honey Shake 490 G Spring None
Honey Wine (Glass) 410 G Spring Year 2 or Later
Herb Tea 60 G Summer None
Cafe au Lait 250 G Summer None
Sangria 420 G Summer None
Chicha (Glass) 380 G Summer Year 2 or Later
Straight Tea 70 G Fall None
Hot Coffee 150 G Fall None
Cappuccino 380 G Fall None
Red Wine (Glass) 250 G Fall None
Chestnut Wine (Glass) 300 G Fall Year 2 or Later
Rose Tea 520 G Winter None
Russian Tea 90 G Winter None
Hot Chocolate 630 G Winter None
Beer (Glass) 260 G Winter Year 2 or Later
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