Introductory Line: "Well there, you're a new face! Oh, you're ___? I'm Howard. It's sooo wonderful to meet you!"

"Oh, good morning. You look busy. I hope you can make some time to hear some juicy gossip today, though!"

"Oh, good morning, ____. It's nice to see you out and about so bright and early."

"Oh hello there. What's going on?"

"Oh, ___, hello there. Not working too hard today, I hope?"

"Why hello, ___! If youre thirsty, just say the word, and I'll make you a yummy drink."

"Good evening there, ___. It's so late. You need to get your beauty sleep."


While Working:

  • "Oh, if you want to order, go up to the counter."
  • "Go up to the counter if you want to order something."

Enter the cafe at night: "We're closed right now. Sorry..."

At Town Hall:

  • "Rose and Rutger are such an adorable couple. They're real lovebirds."
  • "Rose is so elegant. I only hope I age that gracefully..."

You live in Konohana: "You should move here. Then I could tell you all sorts of gossip!"

You live in Bluebell: "This village is small, but you won't find a nicer bunch of people anywhere!"

Snowstorm: "Snow can be romantic, but not when there's this much of it..."

Rain: "Rainy days are so annoying. They really put a damper on my mood."

During a typhoon: "It's best to stay at home during awful weather like this!"

After a typhoon: "That was some horrifying weather yesterday! Did you make it through okay?"

When shown the blue feather: "Oooh. You've got a blue feather. Who's the lucky person? Ha ha! Just kidding. You don't have to tell me."

Flower Quotes

One flower: "When you run a cafe, you hear all the gossip. You want the details? Maybe some other time... Heh heh."

Three flowers: "So apparently, Jessica's daughter Cheryl really hates vegetables! No matter how Jessica tries to disguise them, Cheryl won't eat them!"

Four flowers: "Eileen was telling me about a strange old man in Konohana. He dresses like a panda! Can you believe it?"

Five flowers: "I just heard some gossip about Rutger. He used to send Rose flowers and love letters while they were courting. Who knew Rutger was such a romantic at heart?"

Six flowers: "Laney's such a good girl. I wish I could give her everything she wanted... Why am I talking to you about my problems? Sorry..."

Seven flowers: "I'm so glad you came to this village. You're so sweet." 


Favorite Gift: "I just love the way it smells! Royal milk tea is so deliciously complex. What a wonderful gift!"

Liked Gift: "Ooh! ♥ You know just what I like! You're so thoughtful."

Neutral Gift: "Ooh, thank you!"

Disliked Gift: "This is supposed to be a gift? Oh, it's just awful! Oh well...."

Multiple Gifts: "Oh, I just couldn't take another gift today, but thank you for offering!"

Birthday Gift: "Ooh, a birthday present for me? It's wonderful! Thank you sooo much!"


"The festivals here are so much fun."

"I always get so excited right before a festival! WOOHOO!! Sorry, I got a little carried away there..."

Cooking Festival

  • You live in Bluebell and lose: "Aww, we lost... We'll have to do better next time."
  • You cheer on Bluebell and they lose: "Aww, we lost. Thanks for being so supportive, though."
  • You cheer for Bluebell and they win: "I'm so glad we won! It's all thanks to your support, ___. Thanks! ♥"
  • You live in Bluebell and win:
    • "I knew you'd win the moment I saw your dish. It looked sooo delicious!"
    • "You did it! You won! I couldn't be happier if I'd won myself!"
    • "Congratulations! I can't believe your food won. Do you want a job at the cafe?"

Animal Festival

  • "Animal festivals are so exciting! They really show you just how amazing our animals are."
  • Win: "Congratulations! You must be so proud of your animals now."
  • Lose: "I know it hurts to lose after you've put in so much effort. But cheer up! There's always next time."

Hand Fishing Contest

  • "I used to catch quite a few when I was a kid... today's festival really brought back memories."
  • Win: "You caught so many! That was great!"

Flower Day Festival

"Oooh! ♥ What an absolutely wonderful flower! Thank you soo much!"

Music Festival

"Did you enjoy that festival? I thought it was just phenomenal. So moving!"

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