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This article is about Hugh, a character from A Wonderful Life. You may be looking for Hugh, a character from Harvest Moon DS.

Hugh (ヒュー Hyū) is a character in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

He is the son of Chris and Wally, and lives with them in their home across from the Blue Bar. At the beginning of the first chapter, he is eight years old. As the chapters progress, he grows up into a young man along with the player's son.

Hugh is a typical young boy. He has boundless energy, and wants to be just like his father when he grows up. He can often be found training with his father, running around the valley in the early hours of the morning. He likes to be outdoors and after his morning run can often be seen at the Goddess Spring or at the Turtle Pond. He's very friendly to everyone, including Kate, who teases him quite often. If your son grows up to become an athlete, Hugh will be on your son's team.

He is not pivotal to the story, but befriending him and his father can sway your child to become an athlete.


Gift Preferences
Liked Milk, Coins, Crystals, Eggs
Disliked Weeds, Failed Dishes, Flowers


  • Chapter One: Hugh is a small toddler - and is about the age your child is in Chapter Two. He can be found jogging with his father Wally in the early morning, but otherwise in his room in their house. He will often volunteer to play guessing games, but they always result in his spoiling the answer.
  • Chapter Two: Hugh is now a bigger child - and is about the age your child is in Chapter Three. He spends more time outside now and will actually be able to make conversation with your character. He finds himself now often teased by the new girl, Kate.
  • Chapter Three: Hugh is now a teenager - and is about the age of your child in Chapter Four. He finds himself carrying enough gold to purchase some of the cheaper items in your shop and shows small feelings for Kate, who is also older now.
  • Chapter Four: Hugh is now an older teenager - about the age of your child in Chapter Five. He finds himself carrying enough gold to purchase most of the items you sell in your shop and stops letting Kate tease him.
  • Chapter Five: Hugh is now a young adult - about the age you would be when you first started your farm. He spends less and less time in his parent's small cottage and spends money on whatever you have in your shop, just like the other villagers. He's also faster than ever and will often beat his own father at the jogs they have around the village.
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