• "Hoo boy, where's the time gone...? I'm feelin' mighty hungry for some lunch..."
  • "When I'm thinkin' 'bout muh animals, I lose all track a' time, and 'fore I know it, it's night..."
  • Low Stamina: "Y'all look plumb tuckered out... Best git some rest..."


  • Loved Gift: "This here's jus' what I been hankerin' fer! Thanks a heap, [player]...!"
  • Liked Gift: "Huh... Much obliged... 'Preciate it."
  • Birthday Gift:
  • Multiple Gifts: "Ah reckon y'all've given me more'n enough gifts today..."


  • Spring: "Now spring is an easy-goin' season fer sure... Th' animals all love to nap in the sun..."
  • Winter: "Cows're tough in makin' it through the winter. Come a snowy day, they'll frolic like puppies..."
  • Sunny: "Mighty fine weather today... Animals love grazin' on days like this."
  • Rainy: "Rain today? Well shucks, I don't mind the rain."
  • Snowy: "Seemed darn cold today, and sure 'nuff, it's a-snowin'... Mind you don't catch a cold now."

Marriage Lines

  • "What a blessin' it is to have a house to come home to after work..."
  • "Y'all's farm is real special to me. We've made a passel a'memories roundabout these parts."
  • "I don't never want things to change between us... Let's stay this way forever, darlin'."
  • New Year's Day: "Happy New Year, darlin' I do hope you have a mighty fine year comin' up."
  • New Year's Eve: "Y'all mind bein' home from 9 PM to 11:59 PM? I was thinkin' you an' I could have a New Year hootenanny."
  • Second Child is born:
    • "Ain't [First Child] such a help... He keeps an eye on [Second Child] for us."
    • "How can [First child] and [Second child] be talkin'? Guess young'uns still remember baby talk fer a while..."

Festivals/Other Events

  • Fishing Contest (Lost): "...Fish, they got minds a' their own, and sometimes they ain't bitin'. Git 'em next time."
  • Flower Festival: "Huh, guess today's the Flower Festival... my favorite flower's the cosmos... They're purdy..."


A Love of Animals

"Huh... [Player]...?"

"...Beg y'all's pardon. I ain't much for makin' small talk."

"...Y'all's animals doin' awright?"

"...If y'all got any trouble with th'animals an' don't understand somethin', I'll lend you a hand."

"Animals, they can tell when a human's fond of 'em..."

"A happy animal will...well, y'all can get high-quality products from 'em."

"Shucks...I ain't no slick talker, but, when it comes to animals, I'll talk with y'all any ol' time..."

"When I was a young'un, I saw a big ol' cow. Big, but real gentle. Friendliest cow y'ever saw..."

"Ever since then, I've been real fond a' animals...cows, 'specially..."

"Do y'all like animals too...? I'd be mighty pleased to hear it if y'all do.

New Year's Eve

Hunter: "' festivities are startin'..."

(Hunter and the player sit on the chair as screen fades to black.)

Hunter: "An' that's th' end of the year... Sure did fly right by... Th' work I find muhself doin' don't never change from year t' year... Jus' makin' sure muh animals make it through the year healthy an' happy... that's enough fer me... An' how did th' year turn out for y'all...? I hope th' next year'll be a good'un fer y'all an' fer me. Happy New Year, [player]."

(The day ends)


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