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This article is about Hunter, a character from The Lost Valley. You may be looking for Hunter, a character from Seeds of Memories.

Hunter is a bachelor in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

Hunter is a local farmer specializing in animal husbandry. Both he and your first animal will wander inadvertently into the Lost Valley. Hunter is knowledgeable about all kinds of animal care, including animal feed recipes. He is quiet and shy, and of course.. he loves animals.

Hunter is in your barn Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays from 10AM to 6PM. While he's in your barn, you can buy livestock and pets!

Heart Events

Heart Event 1

  • When Hunter is at 14% chemistry or more
  • In barn between 10AM-6PM

Hunter: "Hey there li'l (cow's name)... Y'all seem to be doing just fine... Sorry, I didn't see ya there... What am I doin' here? Just checkin' how the animals are doin'. Y'all being all by yourself, it's a ltta work for one person... Am I botherin' y'all?"

  • You don't trust me? (+1% chemistry)

Hunter: "Shucks, no, that ain't it. I think y'all 'r doin' great. Pardon me...

  • It's a big help! (+4% chemistry)

Hunter: "Well, ain't that a sweet thing to say... Sems to me y'all 'r doin' real well on yer lonesome... But if y'all ever need anything, give me a holler..."

  • No, not at all. (+1 chemistry)

Hunter: I'm mighty relieved to hear it...

Hunter: Y'all mind if I ask y'all somethin'? I keep forgettin' to ask... What's y'all name? (name), huh...? (Name)... I ain't much for rememberin' folks' names anyway... But I'm fixin' to remember y'alls...

Heart Event 2

Heart Event 3

Heart Event 4


Hunter's requests will only be available for accepting and completing while he's inside your barn.

Hunter's Feed 1

  • Need 3 Silent Feed
  • Reward: Regular Fodder, Silent Feed recipe

Hunter's Feed 2

  • Need 3 Active Feed
  • Reward: 3 Cornmeal Fodder, Great Animal Fodder and Feed recipes

Hunter's Feed 3

  • Need 3 Passion Feed
  • Reward: 3 Fodder Cornmeal, Spring Feed recipe

Hunter's Feed 4

  • Need 3 Pride Feed
  • Reward: Fodder Cornmeal, Summer Feed recipe

Hunter's Feed 5

  • Need 3 Spirit Feed
  • Reward: 3 Fodder Cornmeal, Fall Feed recipe

Hunter's Feed 6

  • Needs 3 Clean Feed
  • Reward: 6 Fodder Cornmeal, Recipe for Winter Feed

Hunter's Feed 7

  • Needs 6 Harvest Feed
  • Reward: 6 Fodder Cornmeal, Recipe for Life Force Feed

Hunter's Feed 8

  • Needs 6 Clever Feed
  • Reward: 6 Fodder Cornmeal, Recipe for Sunshine Feed

Hunter's Feed 9

  • Needs 6 Excellent Feed
  • Reward:
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