You will unlock the Ice Cream Stand when you first buy a cow from the Animal Shop. When customers enter the Ice Cream Stand, they will ask for a ice cream made using milk from the cows you are raising on your farm. The customer will ask for ice cream made with a specific type of milk, shape, number of swirls and number of toppings.


Ice Cream Stand 1
Watch the cow's rhythm carefully. Remember its notes, then copy them when it's your turn.

Milk Smoother

Ice Cream Stand 2
The Milk Smoother is an add-on you can buy from the Tool Shop for 2000 G.

Move the cup by pointing the Wii Remote! Catch the falling drops of milk and pour them in the pot on the right.


Ice Cream 3
Ice Cream 4
Hold the Wii Remote upright and move it in a circle so that the ice cream makes the right shape!

When the there is enough ice cream, it will begin to topple! Tilt the Wii Remote to the left or right to balance it!

Topping Machine

Ice Cream 5
The Topping Machine is an add-on you can buy from the Tool Shop for 4000 G.

Look at the silhouette to figure out what topping is being ordered. Point at and select the topping with the Wii Remote!

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