• "Hello, ___. You're looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning."
  • "Hello, ___. You look well today. Keeping fit is important!"
  • "Hello. How are you feeling?"
  • "Hello. Drop by the town hall and see me sometime."
  • "Good evening, ___. Now don't work TOO hard, or you'll wreck your health."


  • "It's busy at the town hall, but sometimes I go out to check on the village."
  • "Everyone in the village works hard. And they're all good folks. Some of them have their little quirks too, but..."
  • "How are you doing today, ____? Let me know if you need help with anything."
  • "Most in our village grow crops, but you can raise animals if you want."
  • "This town's mayor has always been someone from my family. Maybe that's not the best thing."
  • After tunnel completion: "Now that the tunnel is done, it's easy to go to Bluebell. That'll take some getting used to."
  • Snowstorm: "I hope this torm doesn't damage any homes."
  • During a typhoon: "The wind is fierce today.  A walk's all well and good, but see you don't blow away!"
  • After a typhoon: "Awful weather yesterday. Is your house okay? Luckily, I haven't heard of any serious damage so far."

You live in Bluebell:

  • "If you're interested in living in Konohana, we'd be happy to have you here!"
  • "How is Bluebell? If you ever want to move to Konohana, you'll always be welcome."

At Town Hall:

  • "If you have business here, talk to me across the counter. If you want to stay the night, sign in the notebook on the counter."
  • "Sign in the notebook if you want to stay the night. If you want to move into town or have other business, talk to me at the counter."

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "This is the town hall, and I'm the mayor. If you've got a problem, drop by any time."
  • Four flowers: "You seem to be getting along well with the people here. You're a good neighbor. That's what I like to see."
  • Five flowers: "Rahi loves it when you visit. I'm always happy to see you too. I think you're a good role model for Rahi."
  • Six flowers: "How do you like our village? I quite like having you here. And so does Rahi. I hope you'll stay in this village for a long time."
  • Seven flowers: "Talking with you like this, I'm reminded of my husband. He was a good, kind man. Your personality is very similar."


  • Favorite Gift: "That's puerh tea. I love it! And it's... for me? Thanks! Good luck to you, ____!"
  • Liked Gift: "Is this for me? Thanks! I love it!"
  • Neutral Gift: "Thank you very much. I appreciate it."
  • Disliked Gift: "Of all the... Well, if you REALLY insist I take it..."
  • Multiple Gifts: "Another present today? That's just too generous. I'll have to pass."

Birthday Present:

  • Liked Gift:"Oh, a birthday present?! Right, it's my birthday... well, thanks! It's very thoughtful."
  • Neutral Gift: "Is this for me? Right, it's my birthdeay... You remembered. Thanks!"


Cooking Festival

  • You live in Konohana and lost: "It's a shame about today... I expect better next time!"
  • You cheer but do not enter a dish: "I expect you to enter the next Cooking Contest. Your village is counting on you!"
  • You live in Konohana and win:
    • "Konohana won today's Cooking Festival! I knew we could do it!"
    • "All the dishes today were quite delicious. But Konohana's is indisputably the best."

Crop Festival

  • Lose: "Your ___ wasn't bad. Guess it wasn't your day, though."

Moon Viewing Festival

  • "That's all for this year's Moon Viewing Festival! Come again next year!"

Flower Festival

  • "Are those flowers for...? Ah-ha... Today's Flower Day. Thank you very much."

Snow Festival

  • "Folks had a good time today. It's times like this I'm so glad to be mayor."
  • "How about today's festival? Did you have a good time?"

New Years Festival

  • "This year is almost over. Everyone did a lot of good, hard work this year. So let's wish for everyone's good health next year as we eat soba noodles!"
  • "I hope that next year is good to Konohana."

You live in Bluebell and go over to Konohana on a festival day:  "Today's the ____ Festival. However, since you're not a resident, you can't participate. Sorry."

Festival Ends

  • "Today sure was fun. I'm glad you had a good time too."
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