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"Me seeing you is some kind of destiny. I have an interest in living things, such as humans."

Inari (イナリちゃま, Inarichama) is a character in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. They are one of the eligible characters to court for both the male and female protagonists.

A human fox spirit guardian who lives in the shrine inside of Tsuyukusa. They have a strong sense of duty, which causes them to take it upon themselves to lead the villagers of Tsuyukusa to happiness. Serious to the core, they are constantly shown thinking about various things. They have a love for cleanliness.

There will be no dating stage if you choose to pursue Inari. Moreover, Inari will not live with the player even after our marriage. The player cannot have family meals with Inari, but they still can participate in Family Events and Romantic Festivals such as Tsuyukusa Star Festival and Winter Thanksgiving Festival after the player married them.


Inari speaks highly of a former teacher of theirs. Not much about Inari's past is known except that they have been living there for a long time since they were a child.

Flower Events

Inari's Tea Party: Inari has 10.000 FP

A Life Without Magic: Inari has more than 10.000 FP

Light Blue Flower Event: Inari has more than 20.000 FP

Dark Blue Flower Event: Inari has more than 30.000 FP

Light Green Flower Event #1: Inari has more than 40.000 FP

Light Green Flower Event #2

  • Inari has more than 45.000 FP
  • Befriend the wild foxes to 400 FP or more

Light Green Flower Event #3

  • Inari has more than 45.000 FP
  • Witchie and Dessie have more than 30,000 FP
  • Upgrade your house at least twice
  • You have a Comb proposal item in own bag



Main article: Your Child (Trio)

In the original released version, Inari could not have any children after marriage. However in the third update in the Japanese version and "The New Neighbor" DLC in English, Inari and the player can now have a child with a little magical help from the Inari's Master, Witchie and Dessie. Because of this magical birth, there are no pregnancy events so you can get a child much sooner than other marriageable candidates. However, a big bed is still required to get a baby with Inari. You also must have seen Inari's spousal love event before the birth scene could happen. This was always planned to be in the original release version of the game but the developers decided to later release this through update because of a question as to how the child would look, be incorporated to the story and the mass number of existing candidates, therefore allowing players to experience the game and the story first.


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