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First floor.

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Second floor.

The Inn is a location in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

It is the only Inn in Mineral Town. It is run by Doug and his daughter Ann. During the day, it serves as a diner and during the evening, it serves as a bar. Many of the villagers in Mineral Town who do not have their own homes live here, such as Gray and Cliff. During the summer season, Kai also stays here until he leaves in Fall. During the Cooking Festival, Gourmet stays here.

Doug works behind the counter and you can purchase food from him during business hours. Ann is often seen working on the second floor cleaning the rooms. The telephone can also be accessed through here, and can be used for 10G. The telephone is used to make purchases from the Shopping Network. The Inn is open from 8AM until 9PM every day except for holidays. If you befriend Doug and Ann, you will be able to access the Inn before regular business hours. 

Items Sold

Day Menu

Item Cost
Water 0G
Daily Special 500G
Salad 300G
Apple Pie 300G
Cheesecake 250G
Cookies 200G

Evening Menu

Item Cost
Water 0G
Grape Wine 500G
Pineapple Juice 300G
Milk 200G
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