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The Inner Inn is where Ruby, Tim, and their son Rock reside. It is filled with many items from the couples travels together and has a old Chinese theme to it.


Lobby: This is the main room of the Inn, you can usually find Tim resting in the bottom right corner of the Lobby, close to the door.

Kitchen: The kitchen is connected with the Lobby of the building and is where Ruby cooks the meals for the family, she is a great cook and will give you "Ruby Spice" if you are good friends with her, and visit her when she is inside this part of the Inn.

Upstairs: The upstairs room is filled with small treasures picked up by the Inner Inn family it has two rooms that are connected to this one.

Nami's Room: Before Nami leaves in the second chapter she stays here, the room is filled with little things she picked up along her journeys before coming to the valley, her dairy is laying on the desk across from the door.

Rock's Room: It is here that Tim and Ruby's son lives. Rock's room is full of things that reflect his person and also houses several unique items.

Back Room: The back room of the Inn (behind the desk in the lobby) is where Tim and Ruby sleep at night, it has some things inside appearing to be Ruby's taste.


The exterior of the Inner Inn appears to be nothing more than a small fence wrapping around the Inn, at the back of the Inn is a old stove that has a hint to a recipe inside of it, Ruby can be seen sometimes here walking around.


Once the player has visited the Inn several times he is able to compete in milk drinking contests with the family and Grant (who appears in the second chapter) the object of the game is to repeatedly tap the "A" button as fast as they can to beat their opponent in which the player is awarded extra friendship points with the entire Inner Inn family (not including Nami).

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