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Irene (インヤ Inya) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Irene is a nurse who works at the Choral Clinic in Harmonica Town. She assists her grandson, Jin, who is the clinic's doctor. She usually stays behind the counter, where you can buy medication from her.[1]

When your character is expecting his/her child, Irene serves as a midwife and will deliver your baby. After you or your wife is brought to the hospital, she will assist in the birth. Additionally, Irene is also the one who gives your character the crib for your home and the book on parenting.

Irene is never seen outside of the Clinic. She is always manning the cash register, and is locked inside the store when it's closed on Sundays. During the New Years Eve Festival, she will have her own stand. She will sell different colored herb seeds[2], if you would like to grow your own. 


Gift Preferences
Loved Lavender, Pontata Root, Royal Jelly, Boiled Pumpkin, Herb Cake, Pumpkin Pudding
Liked Bluemist Flower, Lily, Purple Herb, Shining Egg, Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Salt, Herb Tea, Green Tea, Cookies, Remedy, Boiled egg, Milk Tea
Neutral Yellow Herb, Green Herb, Stay Awake
Disliked Junk Ore, Algae, Junk, Failed Recipes, Fugue Mushroom, Pink Mushroom


Problems With Children

Part 1:

Taylor, Chloe, Irene and Ramsey must be at 3 hearts or more. Walk into the Clinic to see this event.[4]

Taylor and Chloe have come into the Clinic and are now jumping on the beds and causing trouble. Irene walks in and tells the children to stop jumping on the beds. The kids think it's a game, and tell Irene to catch them. Irene eventually gets tired, and frustrated trying to chase the children. Feeling clever, the kids decide that they can outrun Chloe's grandpa too! They head to the Blacksmith's to cause trouble at Ramsey's.

Part 2:

You have to watch part 1 of this event. Additionally, Owen and Jin must be at 2 hearts or more. Chloe, Ramsey, Irene and Taylor must still be at 3 hearts. You will see this event at the Church Grounds on a sunny day.[5]

Chloe and Taylor meet up again for more mischief. Chloe has taken some of her grandfather's ore unseen, and Taylor managed to get some medicine from the Clinic! Although they think they've gotten away with it, Irene and Ramsey come and catch the kids red handed!

Irene and Ramsey start to scold the children. Stealing is unacceptable, especially from their elders! Irene and Ramsey begin to think that the kids don't like them, and are disappointed. The children become upset.. of course both Taylor and Chloe like Ramsey and Irene! They just want to be paid attention to every once in awhile, they don't want their elders to sit around all day!

Jin overhears the commotion and comes to neutralize the situation. He makes everybody apologize to one another, and the misunderstanding is resolved.


New Years Festival


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