This article is about Iris, a character from The Lost Valley. You may be looking for other characters named Iris throughout the series..

Iris is a character in Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley.

Iris is a calm, unflappable mother figure within The Lost Valley. She’s lived a peaceful, rural life since she was born and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Together with her husband, she runs a floral shop outside The Lost Valley. She visits the valley in order to find rare and beautiful blooms while he tends the shop.

Iris is the mother of April; the two share the same soft blonde hair as well as their calm, quiet natures.


  • “Do you have any flowers for me today?”
  • “That daughter of mine is a shy one…”


Once enough chemistry has been obtained, you'll be able to accept Iris' requests whenever she's in front of your home.

Iris' Flowers 1

  • Need 5 Pink Pansies
  • Reward Yellow Cornmeal recipe, 300G


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