This article is about Jake, a character from Animal Parade. You may be looking for Jake, a character from Tree of Tranquility.

Jake (ジェイク Jeiku, lit. Jake) is a character in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Jake works with his family at Ocarina Inn. His wife, Colleen sells products and dishes that his mother Yolanda has cooked. His daughter Maya is the waitress who serves customers who come to stay at the Inn.

Jake's role is to handle all of the hotel's reservations. He is more or less a bookkeeper, and doesn't sell your character anything. He will often be found behind the desk on the right hand side of the Inn.[1]

Jake never leaves Ocarina Inn, and will be locked in the building when it's closed on Sundays. If he's not behind the reservation desk, he can be found in the back of the Inn. These rooms are where him and his family live. He's easiest to find when the Inn is open. Jake enjoys cocktails, apples, and animal products.


Gift Preferences
Loved Apple Pie, Apple Ice Cream, Fruit Cocktails, Red Perfume
Liked Apple, Boiled Egg, Buckwheat Cocktail, Cabbage: Perfect, Cherry: Perfect, Chicken Egg: Shining, Clam Soup, Coconut Cocktail, Cookies, Cow Milk, Eggplant: Perfect, Grape: Perfect, Green Bell Flower, Grilled Rock Lobster, Hyacinth, Lavender, Snowflake Flower, Soba Flour: Perfect, Soba Flour: Shining
Disliked Junk, Failed Cooking, Bodigizer XL


Wizard's Crystal Ball

After you ring the Green Bell, you can return to Wizard's house and speak to him. This will trigger a cut scene where Wizard will ask about his crystal ball. He can't find it, so Finn suggest that you search for it.[3]


Go to Ocarina Inn and speak to Colleen. When you ask about the crystal ball, she'll mention that Jake has been acting very strange. If you talk to Jake, he will deny that anything strange is going on, but will brag that he can read his wife's mind. He doesn't mention how though, and will send you away. Jake mentions that the Inn closes at 10PM, and not to visit after that point.

If you come back at 10PM, walk into one of the back rooms of the Inn. You'll find Jake looking into the crystal ball! Wizard comes in, and convinces Jake to give him the crystal ball back.

Once Wizard has his crystal ball back, you can use it's powers! You can visit Wizard's home and look into the crystal ball to get gift suggestions for potential bachelors/bachelorettes. He will also tell you how they feel about you. This doesn't work for the special candidates (Harvest King, Harvest Goddess, Wizard, Witch).


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