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This article is about Jamie from Magical Melody. You may be looking for Jamie, a character from My Little Shop.

Jamie (リオン Rion) is the main character's farming rival as well as a special marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Jamie is a young farmer. Like the player, they are able to see the Harvest Goddess and Harvest Sprites. They have a special relationship to the Goddess, which is never elaborated on, and is fiercely determined to save her from her fate as statue. Jamie is short-tempered and stubborn, and holds certain contempt for humans. The Goddess and Sprites recognize that Jamie has a fragile heart and is not a bad person.

As the player's farming rival, Jamie's daily shipping totals are logged beside and compared to the player's in the game menu. Despite the attention given to this "rivalry", there is never a need for the player to surpass Jamie, nor any rewards or penalties for any results produced.

Jamie is the first villager you meet, during the opening cutscenes, and will be available for the rest of the game, never moving out.


  • In the field of farm.
  • At Sunny Lake.
  • At the beach.
  • Just outside the Blue Sky Ranch shop.
  • Inside the Moonlight Cave (first floor).
  • At the island.


Gift Preferences
Loved Jams (All), Special Butter, Special Milk, Special Cheese, Honey Cake, Cheesecake, Cocoa Cake
Liked Juices, High Quality/Fertilized Crops, Cake, Chestnut Cake
Neutral Bell Pepper, Chicken Feed
Disliked All Medicine (only dislikes cake on Thanksgiving)

Marriage Requirements

As a marriage candidate, Jamie is eligible to be wed by both the male and female protagonists. To marry Jamie, besides all the normal marriage requirements, the player must have: revived the Goddess, shipped at least one of every crop (this includes Strawberries), owned at one point all animals and have the Animal Kingdom Note and Birth of Life Note.

The game will end after marrying Jamie and will return to the 'start' screen for the player resume their file at their last save point before proposing to Jamie. Because of this, the player cannot have a baby with Jamie after marrying them.

Jamie, who is described in-game with male personal pronouns, has their gender explicitly stated only once, when you marry them; after the Goddess provides the player and Jamie with outfits for their wedding ceremony, Arthur awkwardly announces either "Jamie is a boy!" or "Jamie is a girl!"

Musical Note

Jamie provides you with the 100th musical note, "Meek Heart", upon a visit to the Harvest Goddess Spring after collecting all 99 other notes.

Note Description: "He is stubborn and ill-tempered. He often makes you upset, but you feel like you were able to bond with him a bit."