When courting a bachelor or bachelorette, other marriage candidates may start to accumulate jealousy points. If you've reached the green flower event with a marriage candidate, other marriageable characters will accumulate jealousy points if they have 5,000 Flower Points or more.

Jealousy Points are accumulated by witnessing green and yellow flower events. Each candidate of that gender will accumulate jealousy points for each time you watch an event. Additionally, going on a date with someone will cause other candidates to become jealous and they will accumulate jealousy points. Jealousy points will still accumulate after you're married with old candidates you didn't marry if you go on a date with your spouse!

Accumulation of Points

Each character accumulates jealousy points at their own pace. Some characters are more jealous than others, so be wary of that fact!


Candidate Jealousy Points
Ash +1 (Green Event), +2 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Cam +2 (Green Event), +3 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Dirk +3 (Green Event), +4 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Hiro +1 (Green Event), +2 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Kana +2 (Green Event), +3 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Mikhail +3 (Green Event), +4 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)


Candidate Jealousy Points
Alisa +3 (Green Event), +4 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Georgia +3 (Green Event), +4 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Laney +1 (Green Event), +2 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Nori +1 (Green Event), +2 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Oracle +3 (Green Event), +3 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)
Reina +2 (Green Event), +3 (Yellow Event), +5 (Proposal), +1 (Date)

If you're married and go on a date with one of the old candidates that you chose not to marry, your spouse will gain 3 jealousy points automatically.


Once a character gets to 10 Jealousy Points, they will stop accepting gifts, will no longer post requests on the request board, and are less friendly. If you talk to the character enough, you may be prompted to apologize. Apologizing makes the character feel better, and they may start to accept gifts again, allowing you to work their friendship back up.


To fix jealousy points that have been accumulated, take that character on a date to reset their jealousy points to 0. This is the easiest way to fix this problem.

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