This article is about Jeff, a character from Harvest Moon 64. You may be looking for Jeff from his other appearances throughout the series.

Jeff (also called "The Bakery Master") is a character in Harvest Moon 64.

Jeff is Duke's nephew and runs the Flower Bud Bakery, where he works closely with Elli. He enjoys fishing and tea. If you befriend him he will tell you that Elli's grandfather took care of him and brought him to Flower Bud village 10 years ago. He also promised Elli's grandfather that he would see her get married one day. If you do not marry Elli, Jeff will instead. 

If you give Jeff an egg or milk, he will give you the recipe for Cinnamon Milk Tea.


  • All days of the week except Mondays: Behind the counter of the Bakery.
  • Sunny Mondays: Fishing in Moon Mountain.
  • Rainy Mondays: Unknown
  • Nights: At the Bar


  • Milk (any size)
  • Eggs
  • Fish (any size)

Rival Events

Plump Girls

  • Elli and Popuri will be talking at the bakery. Elli will mention she is envious of Popuri's thinness and express her desire to lose weight. Elli leaves the room and Jeff comes in, having overheard their conversation, and says that he prefers "plump girls".[1]

The One That Got Away

  • Elli and Jeff will be fishing at the low stream in the mountains. Jeff hooks a big fish but it escapes, and he gets soaked in the process. Elli tells Jeff he looks younger with his bangs down.

Other Events

Ann and Elli Cake Event.jpg

Baking Troubles

  • You enter the bakery looking for Elli. Jeff will tell you that Elli has the day off today. You can hear Ann and Elli talking to each other in the back of the bakery. Elli is trying to give Ann lessons on how to bake a cake, but it's not going to well. Jeff comments that this happens often, and complains that they two girls are so loud.

*Requirements: Elli and Ann's affection must both be at 150 or higher. Can only be triggered between the 15th and 30th of Fall on a day when the bakery is open.


  • Jeff is the oldest rival in the 64 game.
  • One of Jeff's quotes states that he is 6 years older than Elli, which proves she is 24 years old.


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