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This article is about Jeff, a character from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. You may be looking for Jeff from his other appearances throughout the series.

Jeff (ジェフ, Jefu) is a character in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.



Jeff is anxious and quiet. He is often in pain due to his ulcer.



Jeff married Sasha. She got pregnant and, because he was so excited, he bought many bottles of wine from Duke to give to Karen once she was old enough.


Gift Preferences
Loved "Wow, thank you! That's so thoughtful of you. I love it."
Indigo Grass・Blue Grass・Elli Leaves・Super Powerizer・Super Energizer・White Grass・Powerizer・Energizer・Honey・Pudding・Fruit au Lait・Fruit Juice・Mixed au Lait・Mixed Juice・Vegetable Juice・Relax Tea・
Liked "Thank you! What a nice gesture. I like it."
Acqua Pazza・Strawberries・Strawberry Milk (Dish)・Strawberry Milk (Any Size)・Strawberry Cookie・Earrings・Udon・AEPFE Apple・SUGDW Apple・HMSGB Apple・Large Fish・Omurice・Orangettes・Seafood Donburi・Carpaccio・Milk (Any Size)・Black Grass・Cake・Lotion・Perfume・Milk Coffee (All Sizes)・Small Fish・Fish Fritter・Yam・Zaru Soba・Stew・Buckwheat Flour・Bamboo Shoot Rice・Rolled Egg・Medium Fish・Churro・Chocolate・Tempura Soba・Tomato・Dress・Nasi Goreng・Necklace・Baumkuchen・Paella・Bibimbap・Sunscreen・Pink Cat Flower・Face Pack・Shark Fin Soup・Grape Juice・Fruit Milk (Any Size)・Bracelet・French Toast・Brooch・Pancake・Matsutake・Matsutake Rice・Orange・Orange Bread・Orange Peel・Miso Soup・Purple Grass・Grilled Fish・Baked Apple・Wild Grape・Relax Tea Leaves・Apple・
Neutral "How kind of you. Thanks."
All items not listed.
Disliked "I'm afraid I'm not too fond of stuff like this, sorry to say."
Ice Cream・Aquamarine・Oil・Amethyst・Alexandrite・Emerald・Orichalcum・Garnet・Curry Udon・Curry Flour・Curry Bread・Curry Rice・Yellow Grass・Gold・Silver・Scrap Ore・Philosopher's Stone・High Quality Grape Juice・Sapphire・Pepper Steak・Turquoise・Cheese Fondue・Cheese Risotto・Tempura・Tempura Udon・Copper・Topaz・Butter・Jade・French Fries・Peridot・Fluorite・Mithril・Moonstone・Agate・Baked Corn・Wild Grape Water・Ramen・Ruby
Hated "Huh... All right. I think I see what you're trying to say. Guess I really left a bad impression on you."
Red Grass・Empty Can・Stone・Branch・Golden Lumber・Pirate Treasure・Fodder・Ancient Fish Fossil・Fishbones・Weed・Material Stone・Letter-in-a-Bottle・Poison Mushroom・Rubber Boot・Mysterious Lithograph・Chicken/Rabbit Feed・Lumber・


Jeff's Art Sale

Date Time 8 AM - 10 AM
Day Monday Other
  • You've talked to Jeff and Sasha at least once
  • 8♪ or higher with Jeff and Sasha (200 FP+)
Location General Store
Participants Jeff, Sasha, Huang Results


Jeff's Determination

Date Time 1 PM - 4 PM
Day Wednesday Other
  • You've talked to Jeff and Sasha at least once
  • 10♪ with Jeff and Sasha (250 FP)
Weather Rain
Location General Store
Participants Jeff, Sasha, Duke Results



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Mon, Wed-Sat Back General Store General Store Back General Store
Tuesday Back General Store Church Clinic Back General Store
Sunday Back General Store Clinic Back General Store


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