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Gennie is a character in Doraemon: Story of Seasons.


(Daughter of Gennie and Mark. A little tomboy girl that loved by her parent. Always help her mother work in general store.)

General Store/Harvest Sprite event

Chapter 1 "Who's This?"

  • Mark 2❤︎
  • Buy some item from General Store

Chapter 2 "Working Gennie"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 3❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 3PM

Chapter 3 "The Search"

  • Go to East Natura at 12PM~4PM

Chapter 4 "Jemma's Heart"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 4❤︎
  • Go to Gennie's House at 11PM

Chapter 5 "Mark's Heart"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 5❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 11AM

Chapter 6 "Gennie's Heart"

  • Go to General Store at 3PM

Chapter 7 "Kid Meeting"

  • Go to Harappa Square at 7AM

Chapter 8 "Store Help"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 6❤︎
  • The day after you finish Big Tree event Chapter 11

Chapter 9 "Passing It On"

  • Mark, Jemma 9❤︎ | Gennie 7❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 7AM

Chapter 10 "First Step"

  • Mark, Gennie, Jemma 10❤︎
  • Go to East Natura at 7AM

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