• "Good morning."
  • "Hi."
  • "I heard Phoebe and Calvin got married. It's a joyous occasion."
  • "Anissa's too busy watching over Van to nag me much these days. I feel a bit relieved, but I kind of miss it..."
  • New resident moves in: "There's a new person in town. You should go introduce yourself."
  • Player has lots of stamina: "You seem well today. Remember to rest when you're tired."
  • You are engaged: "I heard that you're getting married. Congratulations."
  • Newly married: "Congratulations on your marriage. You have my blessings."
  • You have a new baby: "Congratulations on your child! Take good care of it."
  • Your baby crawls: "Be careful how you hold the baby. They're quite fragile at that age."
  • Your baby walks: "Parenting books are all well and good, but please talk to me about any matters regarding your child's health or nutrition."
  • Your baby starts talking: "Your child's first word is very precious, no matter what it is."
  • Your child grows up: "It's important to watch your child carefully."
  • The Mother Tree grows: "There's a feeling on this island.... As if something is filling the island's life with energy."



  • "Spring is finally here. I feel at peace when Spring comes."
  • "They say blossoms are the most beautiful when they fall. I suppose they're right."


  • "You can get dehydrated easily in the Summer. Keep that in mind."
  • "The light that filters through the leaves is beautiful. Summer is a very pleasant season."


  • "I like the fall scenery. I find it very beautiful."
  • "They say the nights are clearest in Fall."


  • "Sunshine in the Winter is fleeting. I feel thankful for what little there is."
  • "It's difficult to walk in the snow."


  • Sunny Day: "The weather is nice. I feel good on these kinds of days."
  • Rainy Day: "I like the rain. The earth will be moistened by it."
  • Cloudy Day: "This weather makes me feel gloomy."
  • Snowy Day: "I like how quiet snowy days are."
  • Thunderstorm: "I like reading while listening to the rain."
  • Typhoon: "This storm is awfully loud. I imagine it'll keep me up tonight."
  • Blizzard: "That's a lot of snow. I hope everyone stays warm and safe."


  • Flower Festival: "I don't like any flower in particular, but chrysanthemums are nice and modest."
  • Ocean Festival (Day): "If you get a cramp while swimming, don't panic. Just relax and float until it goes away."


  • Loved: "Thank you for this wonderful gift! It's absolutely perfect."
  • Liked: "Why, thank you. This is quite an excellent gift."
  • Neutral: "Why, thank you."
  • Disliked: "I'm sorry, but what am I supposed to do with this?"
  • Hated: "What a cruel gift. Are you trying to tell that you hate me?!"
  • Birthday: "You remembered my birthday? Thank you! This gift is perfect."
  • Too Many Gifts: "I couldn't accept more than one gift in a day. Greed is unhealthy."

Heart Lines

  • 1 Heart: "If you're going to work a lot, make sure you eat enough to keep your stamina up. Otherwise, you'll collapse."
  • 2 Hearts: "It usually takes more time to do something the right way. But it's almost always worth the effort."
  • 3 Hearts: "We're never as well-stocked as I'd like. I hope we can get more medicinal herbs."
  • 4 Hearts: "I had some . . . misfortune in my past. I'd really rather not talk about it. I just want to focus on the present."
  • 5 Hearts: "Irene is my grandmother. She's been working at this clinic for a long time. I want her to retire soon..."
  • 6 Hearts (Female): "I've been daydreaming too much recently." 
  • 6 Hearts (Male): "I wish we had more state-of-the-art equipment and medicine." 
  • 7 Hearts (Female): "I've been having a lot of sleepless nights lately. I've been very... emotional. It's quite annoying."
  • 7 Hearts (Male): "As a doctor, I have dedicated my life to fighting sickness and injury."
  • 8 Hearts (Female): "Well, you happen to like anyone in particular. I'm just curious." 
  • 8 Hearts (Male/Married): "I haven't given much thought to marriage in a long time... I was once close to proposing to a woman, but then... I don't want to talk about it." 
  • 9 Hearts (Female): "Butterflies in my stomach, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating...Yes I'd have to say I have an incurable case of love. Huh, I never really thought I'd feel this way again." 
  • 9 Hearts (Male/Married): "The last woman I loved.... I lost to an illness. I never thought my heart would heal... But, perhaps I was wrong."
  • 10 Hearts (Female): "<Player>… My heart rate rises whenever I say your name. I cannot sleep at night. At this rate, I really will get sick." 
  • 10 Hearts (Male/Married): "I've been afraid to fall in love again. But I can't let that fear control my life forever."

Marriage Lines

  • "Not long now until the wedding."
  • "___, you should eat well. Take this."
  • "We'll be together for the rest of our lives. I think our future is bright."
  • "I'm glad that I have your support, ___. Even a doctor like me needs support sometimes, too."
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