This is the first shop you'll activate. You will be given some tomato seeds that will mature instantly so you have ingredients to open the shop. When customers enter the Juice Bar, they will ask for a juice made with the crops you are growing on your farm. The customer will ask for a juice made with specific crops, a texture, and style of ice.


Juice Bar 1
Point at and shoot the ingredients with the Wii remote. Be careful not to hit the wrong or fake ingredients.

Produce Slicer

Juice Bar 2
You can buy the Produce Slicer from the Tool Shop for 1000 G.

Swing the Wii Remote sideways to slice the falling vegetables. The timing changes, so pay careful attention before slicing.


Juice Bar 3
Hold the Wii remote sideways and move it up and down to make the juice. Remember to make it according to the customer's order!

Ice Maker

Juice Bar 4
This is a add on you can to buy from the Tool Shop for 2000 G.

Keep your eye on the cup that has the type of ice that your customer ordered then select the right cup once they are done rotating around.

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