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This article is about Julia in Sunshine Islands. You may be looking for Julia in Island of Happiness.

Julia is an eligible bachelorette in Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.

Julia helps her mother, Mirabelle, at the family's animal store on Verdure Island. Her and her mother are residents of Verdure Island from the game's beginning. She likes to eat a variety of cooked dishes, but unfortunately her own cooking skills are not ideal.

Julia has a fondness for animals except for fish, which she absolutely hates. Sometimes it seems she would rather take care of animals than other people. She has a cheerful personality and a flirtatious nature.


Sunday - Friday (Sunny/Cloudy)

This schedule applies AFTER she is married to Elliot.

Sunday - Friday (Raining)

This schedule applies AFTER she is married to Elliot.

6am - 9am Inside Elliot's Home
9am - 12pm Inside Mirabelle's Shop
12pm - 3pm Inside Cafe
3pm - 12am Inside Elliot's Home
Saturday (Sunny/Cloudy)

This schedule applies AFTER she is married to Elliot.

Saturday (Raining)

This schedule applies AFTER she is married to Elliot.


Gift Preferences
Special Superb Yogurt
Loved Cheese, Egg, Firefly Flower, Mayonnaise, Milk, Diamond, Jersey Milk, Suffolk Wool, Superb Butter, Superb Cheese, Superb Yarn, Wool, Yarn, Yogurt, Silkie Egg, Chazuke, Dried Bean Curd, Soy Milk, Spa-Boiled Egg, Dashimaki
Liked Agate, Amethyst, Badger Food, Blue Magic Grass, Chicken Feed, Duck Food, Emerald, Fluorite, Fodder, Gelatin, Monkey Food, Moondrop Flower, Mouse Food, Peridot, Pet Food, Pinkcat Flower, Rabbit Food, Raw Buckwheat, Red Magic Grass, Ruby, Sparrow Food, Toy Flower, All cooked recipes (except ones listed elsewhere)
Disliked Bell Pepper, Edamame, Poisonous Mushroom, Red Herb, The Fall Sun, The Spring Sun, The Summer Sun, The Winter Sun
Hated Boot, Bottled Message, Empty Can, Fish Bone, Fish Fossil, Fish (M), Fish (S), Stone Tablet, Pirate Treasure, Sea Urchin, Weeds, Boiled Fish, Bouillabaisse, Carpaccio, Failed Dish, Fish and Chips, Fish Meuniere, Grilled Fish, Marinated Fish, Paella, Sashimi, Sushi
Fish (L)

Heart Events

Purple Heart Event

Blue Heart Event

Green Heart Event

Yellow Heart Event

Rival Events


  • If you have 7 hearts with Julia, she will give you a present if you speak to her on your birthday. There are three different presents available, depending on the year. She will give you either Superb Mayonnaise (Year 1), Superb Yogurt (Year 2) or Dried Bean Curd (Year 3). These gifts will continue in a set rotation every three years.[1]
    • If she gives you Superb Yogurt, you can gift it back to her for a major boost of affection (or save it for her birthday in your refrigerator for even more heart points).


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