• Introductory Line: "Hey, a new face in town! I'm Kana. If you need anything horse-related, I'm your guy."
  • "I've heard lots about you. Nice to meet ya! "
  • "Morning, [player]. You working hard?"
  • "What's up, [player]? Getting to work early, yeah?"
  • "Hey, morning. Got stuff to do today?"
  • "Whoa its late. Taking the day off?"


  • "It's nice to take a break from work, but I can't stop thinking about my horses."
  • "Keeping a pet is a really awesome experience. It's worth the effort it takes."
  • "If you want a horse or a pet, come by my shop."
  • "How about a pet? Tell me if you see one you like."
  • In the barn: "More than anywhere else, I feel totally mellow when I'm here." 
  • Inside the tunnel: "It's cool that the tunnel's open, but it's kinda scary in there, y'know?"
  • When shown a blue feather (not to propose): "Huh, a blue feather. Why would you show me something like that?"
  • During a typhoon: "This weather is so uncool. I hope Hayate is okay... You take care of yourself too, yeah?"
  • After a typhoon: "Yesterday's weather stunk. I thought my stable was gonna blow away!"
  • Snowstorm: "Hayate loves the snow, so she'll be stoked."

At the Tea House:

  • "Yun's cooking is the best. And Konohana has the best crops, too!"
  • "The food here is awesome! You should try eating here!"
  • "On my days off, I always eat lunch here."

Flower Quotes

  • One flower: "If you wanna, you can take a look at horses and stuff."
  • Two flowers: "When you ride a horse, you gotta have trust. Definitely don't be scared."
  • Three flowers: "Spending time with me means tons of horse talk. Is that boring for you? I just don't know what else to even talk about. Hope you don't mind." 
  • Four flowers: "Have you ever looked at a horse's eyes? I mean LOOKED? They're so gorgeous. So clear and soft."
  • Five flowers: "Did you know that horses get jealous? These days, whenever you come over, Hayate acts odd. I guess she's angry we're hanging out so much."
  • Six flowers: "All I ever think about is horses, but... When I'm talking with you, it really expands my thinking, you know? Taking time for that kinda stuff is also important."
  • Full bloom: "Looks like Hayate’s really taken a liking to you. But she seems kinda distant toward me recently. Like she’s jealous. Maybe she understands I have feelings for you?"


  • Favorite Gift: "Whoa, Spicy Curry... It's for me!? I love this stuff! Thanks a ton!"
  • Liked: "Whoa! For me? Seriously? Awesome! Thank you!"
  • Neutral: "Oh, for me? Nice. Thanks!"
  • Disliked: "Huh? What's this? It's not my thing, but... if you don't want it, I'll take it off your hands."
  • Multiple Gifts: "Whoa, another gift today? I can't, that's just too generous."

Birthday Gift

  • Neutral gift: "A birthday present? Whoa, you remembered. Thanks!"
  • Liked gift: "Huh? A birthday present? Seriously? For me? Wow... this is great! Thanks!"

Festival Quotes

Cooking Festival

  • You live in Bluebell and talk to Kana after a cooking festival: "You were on Bluebell's side in the cooking festival? Next time, you should hang out with us Konohona folks!"
  • You live in Konohana and lost: "It's no big deal that we lost the Cooking Festival. People have different tastes in food, y'know?"
  • You live in Konohana and won: "Your dish won the Cooking Festival for our village! Ina is totally stoked!"
  • You cheer but do not enter a dish: "So you were cheering for us? Next time, make a dish and enter the Cooking Festival."

Moon Viewing Festival

  • "So are you going to today's Moon Viewing Festival? Everyone's gonna party!"
  • "Man, the moon is way bright tonight!"
  • "I was thinking about taking Hayate out tonight. Think about it... Me and my horse, riding together in the moonlight... Isn't that just an awesome image?!"

Flower Festival

"Is this like a Flower Day present or something? It's not exactly my style, but I'll take it... Thanks."

Crop Festival

  • Lose: "Bummer that you lost today. Your [crop name] was really good, but..."

New Years Festival

"So are you going to today's New Year's Festival? Everyone's gonna party!"

Children's Festival

  • "Today's Children's Festival was seriously fun. Looks like you had a blast too, [player."
  • "It's awesome when we all get together to eat tasty grub!"

Festival End

  • "Isn't it cool when everybody gets together to party?"
  • "Did you have fun today? Everyone was having a blast."
  • "Today was a blast."

You live in Bluebell and go over to Konohana on a festival day: "There's a thing going on in our village today called the [Festival Name]."

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