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Kent is a character in Harvest Moon 64.

He the oldest grandson of Degas and the older brother of Stu. Kent dreams of being a farmer when he grows up and is very interested in the goings on at your farm, often stopping by in the morning to remark on your crops or animals. Kent will also be able to tell which one of your cows is more likely to win the Cow Festival. He calls the player "brother", and may look to him for guidance once befriended. 

Giving Kent an egg will get the player the recipe for Spa-poached Egg. If the player befriends Kent and his brother, the player's Dog will father the puppies of their dog.


Kent can normally be found at the Church, Potion Shop, in the mountains near the small pond by fisherman Greg's hut or the tree behind the Craftsman's House.


  • Eggs
  • Milk


Kent Runs Away

Stu Kent Event
  • Kent will come to your farm in the morning and ask if you can stay with you tonight, as he got into a fight with his grandpa. Kent insists on saving money to run a farm, but his grandfather wants him to focus on his studies. Stu will come bursting into the house, saying that their grandfather is sick. You will go with the boys to their house and see the Potion Shop Dealer in bed, being looked after by the Midwife. She tells the boys not to worry, and that he will recover soon. Kent thanks you, and asks if he can come to you if he needs you again.

*Requirements: Kent's affection is 160 or higher, and you go to bed in between 6pm and 10:59pm the previous night.[1]

Kent Puppy Event


  • Kent and Stu will come over, excited to tell you that your dog has had puppies with their dog, Taro. You go over to their house to see the newborn puppies. You will gain affection with Stu, Kent, and the Potion Shop Dealer.[2]

*Requirements: Stu's affection is 250 or higher, OR Kent's affection is 150 or higher.[3]


  • Kent will come to your farm to give you a Watermelon.

*Requirements: Kent has 50 affection or higher. This event can only take place in the Summer. Enter your farm screen between 3pm and 4:59pm.[4]


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