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Kirk is a character in Harvest Moon GBC3.

Kirk is the captain of the ferry and father of Kate. He can be found in town on Sundays and Thursdays.[1]

He will take you to the mainland on his ferry and is your only means of transporation until you get your own boat. You cannot use the ferry if it is raining, snowing or if there is a storm.


  • "Hello... You must be the guy who came here with Sara. My name is Kirk. I'm the captian(sic) of this ferry. The ferry goes to the mainland on Mondays and Thursday between 6AM to 6PM. Let me know when you want to take the ferry."
  • "Hello, ____. The ferry can take you to the mainland."
  • "____. The ferry hours are over. It's dangerous to sail at night, so I can't take you across the sea."


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