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Kirk (SI) SS

Kirk (On Boat)

Character Bio

The boatman, Kirk, will take you from island to island. All you have to do is talk to him from the dock and he will ferry you around the archipelago. Kirk doesn't take any time off so you can ask for a ride at any time of day or night. He also doesn't have a house and never leaves his boat.

Normally, if you talk to Kirk from the side, he will ask you which island you would like to go to. If you talk to him at a diagonal, or from a distance by tapping on him with your stylus, then you can talk to him without being prompted to choose a travel location.


Gift Preferences
Favorited Wine
Loved Bottled Message, Chocolate, Fish (L), Fish (M), Fish (S), Fish Fossil, Pirate Treasure, Rice Candy, Stone, Weeds

Cooked Recipes: Bamboo Dumpling, Bodigizer, Bodigizer XL, Carpaccio, Dairy Natto, Deep Fried Tofu, Dried Bean Curd, Fish And Chips, Fish Meuniere, Fish Natto, Freeze Dried Tofu, Gem Natto, Green Dumpling, Grilled Fish, Hungerizer, Hungerizer XL, Marinated Fish, Mix Natto, Mochi Mix Natto, Natto, Red Flower Mix Natto, Roasted Rice Candy, Sashimi, Seaweed Paste, Simmered Fish, Soybean Rice Candy, Strawberry Rice Candy

Liked Bread Crumbs, Buckwheat Flour, Curry Powder, Soybean Flour, Wheat Flour

Cooked Recipes: Apple Jam, Apple Pie, Baumkuchen, Blueberry Jam, Boiled Egg, Bread, Buckwheat Ball, Buckwheat Dumpling, Buckwheat Chips, Chestnut Bun, Chestnut Dumpling, Chestnut Kinton, Chocolate Cookies, Churros, Cookies, Corn Cereal, Curry Bread, Dinner Roll, Fish, French Toast, Fried Egg, Grape Jam, Jam Bun, Ketchup, Miso, Orange Marmalade, Paella, Pickled Turnip, Pickles, Pineapple Pie, Raisen Bread, Relaxtea Leaves, Sashimi Bowl, Scone, Sponge Cake, Steamed Bread, Steamed Cake, Steamed Turnip, Strawberry Jam, Sushi, Sweet And Sunny, Toast, Triffle, Yam Dumpling, Yam Gelatin, Yam Pudding

Disliked Garbage, Weeds
Horror Boots

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