• Introductory Line: "You're new around here. I'm Laney. Nice to meet you."
  • "Good morning, ___. How's it going?"
  • "Oh, good morning. Are you working today?"
  • "Oh, hello. Going out somewhere?"
  • "Why, __. How's work going?"
  • "Hello, ___. How are things?"


  • "My dad's the best cook."
  • "Everything I bake is delicious!"
  • "Make sure to stop by often!"
  • "I'll be here all day, so just make yourself at home."
  • "I like to use my days off to get outside and just wander."
  • "It was so nice out and warm out, I decided to go for a walk. Isn't the village especially pretty this time of year?"
  • "It's so late already! The days go by quickly when I'm not working.."
  • Asks for a date: "I wanted to talk to you about something. Are you free right now?"
  • After a typhoon: "Wasn't the weather terrible yesterday? I'm glad the house wasn't damaged."
  • Wearing the Urban Outfit: "Oh, what a nice outfit! I really like it!"

Jealousy: "___... don't you have something you want to say to me?"

  • You don't apologize: "Oh, is that so? Well, fine."
  • You apologize: "That's okay. As long as you understand why I was mad."

Flower Quotes

  • One Flower: "Just make yourself at home."
  • Four Flowers: "Why don't you come in and have something to eat? We've got sweet things too."
  • Five Flowers: "I bake to make people happy. So I hope you'll have something sweet when you come into the shop."
  • Six Flowers: "Do you like sweet things? Of course you do! I don't know anyone who doesn't like sweet things! Especially the things that I bake!"
  • Seven Flowers: "Are you going to stay here forever? If you ever move to the city, you have to invite me! It's my dream to open a bakery there someday."


  • Liked Gift: "That's one of my favorite things! Thanks! This makes me really happy!"
  • Neutral Gift: "This is for me? Oh, thanks!"
  • Disliked Gift: "Huh? That's for me? It's not my favorite, but since you got it for me..."
  • Hated Gift: "Eek! A(n) ____!? I don't want that! You really want me to have it? Well, okay then, but next time, remember I hate them!"
  • Multiple Gifts: "Thank you, but I simply couldn't accept another gift today."

Birthday Gift:

  • Liked Gift: "Thanks! You remembered my birthday! And what a nice gift, too! You're so sweet!"
  • Disliked Gift: "It was sweet of you to remember my birthday.. but I don't actually... Well, I guess I'll take it since you got it for me."


Cooking Festival

  • You live in Konohana: "Did you have fun at the Cooking Festival today? I hope you'll cook something for Bluebell next time."
  • You live in Blubell and lose: "The Cooking Festival isn't about winning. It's about making something delicious."
  • You cheer for Bluebell but do not enter a dish: "It's great you're cheering people on, but you should be entering if you can cook!"
  • You live in Bluebell and win:
    • "___! Congratulations on winning! I'd love to serve that at the cafe. Could you give me the recipe?"
    • "Congratulations, ___! Your food looked amazing! I wish I could've eaten some."
    • "Congratulations! Even my Dad was amazed by how good your food looked."

Harmony Day Festival

"Oh, Harmy Day chocolate! Thank you, ___. I'll make some for you too. So look forward to Winter Harmony Day!"

Animal Festival


  • "Congratulations! Your <animal> was really the best!
  • "Your <animal> was wonderful!

Lose: "It's too bad about today. Maybe you'll do better next time."

Hand Fishing Contest


  • "So you won the Hand Fishing Contest? Congratulations! That's wonderful!:
  • "Congratulations! I was so impressed with your fishing skills!"

Flower Day Festival

"Ooh, what pretty flowers! Oh right, it's Flower Day. Thank you."

Music Festival

  • "Today was so much fun. Did you have fun, ___."
  • "The Music Festival was so much fun today."

Stargazing Festival

"I'm so excited for the Stargazing Festival today."

New Years Festival

"Today's our village's New Years Festival. I'm so excited."

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