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This article is about Leia, a character from Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute. You may be looking for Leia, a character from My Little Shop.

Leia (レタス, "Lettuce") is a character in Harvest Moon: DS and Harvest Moon DS: Cute. She is one of the special bachelorettes eligible to court in DS and a best friend in the Japanese version of Cute).

Leia is a mermaid who washed up on shore and was found by Daryl. She was injured, but Daryl nursed her back to health. In return, she helps out Daryl by cooking for him. Although Leia likes spending time at Daryl's and considers him a friend, she worries about eventually having to return to the sea.

She lives in a big bathtub in Daryl's basement. The door to the basement will be locked until you raise Daryl's friendship points to 100 or higher. Once Daryl's friendship is high enough, you can meet Leia and start interacting with her when Daryl is at home. If you marry Leia, she lives in the pond on your farm and will not leave it unless there is an special event. In addition, she will not be available for marriage until you have built a pond.


Gift Preferences
Special Large Fish
Loved Diamond, Grilled Dish, Jewelry (All), Medium Fish, Red Magic Flower, Medium Fish, Perfume, Pink Diamond, Sashimi
Liked Blue Magic Flower, Dress, Facial Pack, Fish Bones, Fish Stew, Skin Lotion, Small Fish, Sunblock, Sushi, Toy Flower, Yarn
Neutral Other items not listed
Disliked Bamboo Shoots, Bread, Buckwheat Flour, Cheese, Chocolate, Cooked recipes (except those already listed), Curry Powder, Dumpling Powder, Eggs, Flour, Fruits (All), Lumber (All), Matsutake, Milk, Oil, Pink Cat Flower, Rice Balls, Rice Cake, Shiitake, Vegetables (All), Wild Grape, Wine, Yogurt
Hated Bird Feed, Boot, Colored Grasses (All), Empty Can, Fish Fossil, Gems (All except Diamond/Pink Diamond), Litograph, Ores (All), Pirate Treasure, Stick, Stone, Toadstool, Weed

Heart Events

Black Heart Event
To trigger Leia's first heart event, enter Daryl's basement when he has 100 FP or more.[2]

When you enter the basement, you will be surprised to find a mermaid, who introduces herself as Leia. Leia explains that she living in this bathtub after Daryl found her washed up on the beach. She is repaying his kindness by cooking for him, being happy to meet one of Daryl's friends and hopes that you can be friends with her too.

Purple Heart Event
Enter the basement when Leia has a purple heart or more and there is noting in your equipment slot. Additionally, the black heart event has been previously viewed.[3]

As you enter Daryl's lab, the place will be empty. Daryl's voice can soon be heard coming from the basement, talking about some sort of experimentation. If you choose to go into the basement to investigate, Daryl and Leia are surprised to see you, explaining that there is no experimentation going on. Leia was talking about her hometown with Daryl, which prompted him to research something. She is flattered that you are worried about her, but assures that Daryl is a friend and you have no reason to worry.

Blue Heart Event
Enter the basement in Daryl's lab when Leia is at a blue heart or higher and you have seen her previous two heart events.[4]

Leia is trying to come up with some new recipes. She doesn't know many recipes but assures you that she's still a wonderful cook. She asks you to try her cooking as proof of her skills, so agree to try her food and Leia will cook up a dish of simmered fish. After the two eat together, Leia admits that it was her first time making this dish, but is happy it turned out well. She thanks you for being her taste tester.

Yellow Heart Event
Enter Daryl's lab with a Bottled Message in your rucksack. Additionally, Leia has at a yellow heart of higher and all previous events have been watched.[5]

Daryl notices that the bottle is unopened and offers to try and open it for you. After some try with three different corkscrews, Daryl finally opens the fourth corkscrew, realizing the letter is for Leia and brings it to her so she can read it.

Leia realizes it is a letter from her mother, saying that she hasn't returned home and so her mother is worried. Daryl tells Leia that she has done enough for her here and therefore she should return home. Leia isn't sure she has fully repaid Daryl's kindness and is reluctant to go. With some convincing persuasion, she agrees to go back into the sea. If you assure her that would be good for her to return sometime when she wants to visit, Leia says goodbye and swims into the sea.

Note: After this event, Leia will only come back to visit on Tuesday at midnight when the day turns into Wednesday. Walk onto the beach to see Leia on the shore.[6]