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"...I'm happy. Thank you, Mr. Piero."

Leyla (レイラ, Reira) is a character in Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale. She's a girl of pure character and loves making things. She is one of the blessed five woman and upon reaching max affection you gain the chance to get a bonus crop when harvesting.

A sheltered girl who lives atop Mt. Urbain in the snowy village of Mathieu. Hasn't ever really been outside the village, electing instead to stay and help her widower father cope with living in such a harsh climate. Has a fondness for sewing, and makes her own distinctive winter wear to keep warm during the long, cold nights in this remote settlement. Shy and reserved but genuinely kind, Leyla appreciates anyone who makes a point of helping others, and especially likes those who project warmth and sincerity.[3]


Gift Preferences
Loved Vegetable Flan
Liked Pure White Turnip, Pacapaca Fur
Neutral Ballistic Carrot, Tree Broccoli, Frosty Napa Cabbage, Mathieu Orange, Bewitching Peach, Bitter Spinach, Clingy Potato, Tear-Inducing Onion, Urbain Cabbage, Sumoo Milk, Cuckotte Egg, Rolled Egg, Fruit-Flavored Juice, Vegetable Brine, Milky Risoto
Disliked Monarch Pumpkin, Hot Pot



  1. マシュー村の女の子
  2. …うれしい。ありがとう、ピエトロさん。
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