The Library, also known as "Mary's Library," is a location in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature.

The library is run by Mary and is open to the public each day except for Mondays and holidays from 10am until 4pm. Here, you can read books, the majority of which were written by Mary's father, Basil. Many of the books are helpful to the player and talk about festivals, flowers, fish and mining. There are no recipes or cookbooks here. 

The second floor of the Library connects to the second floor of Mary's Home. This is only accessible when you get close to Mary and her family. If the player plans on courting Mary, it is easy to find her in the library to give her gifts. If the player marries her, she will still work in the library but only on Sundays.


First Floor

  • "Village Festivals 1-5" Titles: The Local Horse Race (1); Opening Day (2); The Chicken Festival (3); The Tomato Festival (4); The Dog Race (5). Written by Basil.
  • "Mountain Harvest 1-2". Written by Basil.
  • "The 7 Brothers in the Forest 1-7". Written by Unknown.
  • "Creatures of the Mountain 1-3" Titles: Mountain Animals (1); Mountain Insects (2); Problems for the Villagers (3). Written by Basil.
  • Unknown Title Mystery Novel. This novel tells a story about an adventure of Shinichi Izumi (main protagonist) and Marlow Chrisford (minor protagonist) in search of UFO in London. Written by Mary (Possible). NOTE: You can't read the whole story in this novel.

Second Floor

  • "The Cave Near The Spring 1-2". Written by Basil.
  • "The Cave Only Accessible In Winter 1". Written by Basil.
  • "Hiking the Mountain 1". Written by Basil.
  • "All About Fish 1-2" Titles: Cultivation (1); Fishing Rods (2). Written by Basil.
  • "Flowers 1-2" Titles: Mountain Flowers (1); The Flower of Happiness (2). Written by Basil.
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