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Life Grain is the default name of the protagonist in the game Harvest Moon: Innocent Life. He is an android, model name "Innocent Life", created by Dr. Hope.

Doctor Hope Grain introduces Life as a member of his family brought to the island to do manual farming. Many of the island's inhabitants believe that he is human and very few know of his true identity. His model name "Innocent Life" is a manifestation of the doctor’s hopes and dreams. The Doctor wanted to create a life form that was innocent and pure, something that could love people and not hate them.

Life is given land at the Easter Ruins by Dr. Hope. The doctor hopes that Life will learn to appreciate true life by running the farm at Easter Ruins. Through farming, raising animals and interacting with humans, Life may even become human himself!

Life's other objective is to appease the Fire Spirit by exploring the sealed ruins of Volcano Island. By doing this, he may also find a way to unseal the fertile land once used by the residents. Many villagers don't believe that Life will be able to do the manual labor, but unless he does, a volcanic eruption threatens to destroy Volcano Town.

At the end of the game, Dr. Hope passes away. Life can be seen crying over the death of his "father", proving that he has become somewhat human. 

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