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Lillian (サト Sato) is the female protagonist of Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.

Her male counterpart is Phillip.


Lillian is moving to village to start a new life as a farmer. On her way, she has an accident and is knocked unconscious. Rutger and Ina, the mayor of Bluebell and Konohana respectively, find her and wake her up. Lillian is then forced to pick which village she wants to stay in.

After Lillian selects one of the two villages, she is led to her farm by the mayor. On her way, Lillian notices a big tunnel. The mayor explains that the tunnel used to connect the two villages but it is blocked off. As they leave, Harvest Goddess appears and seems to be interested in Lillian. A few days later, she appears before Lillian and explains that she blocked the tunnel after the mayor of the two towns fought which village has the best cooking.

She then requests Lillian to restore the tunnel and to participate in the Cooking Festival in order to reconcile the two villages and make them see the good sides of the other villages.

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