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Lily (リリー, Lily) is a character in Return to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale. An innocent girl, she adores bugs. She is one of the blessed five woman and upon reaching max affection you can find more rare insects.

An insect-obsessed girl who hangs around the central plaza in the town of Cordan, located in the autumnal southwestern region of Galariland. Has very overprotective parents who won't let her wander too far from home, so she's taken to collecting and cataloguing bugs in her hometown to pass the time. She's so proficient at it now that she can even grab insects out of the air with her bare hands, and some say she's even begun thinking and acting like a bug herself. Very particular about what she wants, somewhat moody at times, and extremely passionate about her dear insects.[3]


Gift Preferences
Loved Corn Bread
Liked Tugar Apple, Milky Risotto
Disliked Prairie Eggplant, Zuzul Tomato



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  2. そうなの、なかよしどうしはなかよく呼びあうものなの!